Collect em All: The Best Regular Show Funko Pops!

Collect em All: The Best Regular Show Funko Pops! 2017

What is the Regular Show Funko Pop Collection?

The Regular Show Funko Pop Collection is an officially licensed set of novelty collectible figurines depicting characters from the beloved Cartoon Network animated television series “Regular Show.” All figures in this collection were designed with great attention to detail, replicating characterization and expressions of the characters with extraordinary accuracy. The lineup includes Mordecai, Rigby, Muscle Man, Pops, Benson and Skips among other major characters. Each figure stands 3¾ inches tall and not only looks fantastic on display but also makes a great gift for any fan of the show. As part of the ever-growing world of Funko Pop! collectibles, this Regular Show Pop Collection adds a hint of nostalgic charm to any collector’s shelf or desk. Pick up one or all today to relive your favorite episodes for years to come!

How to Collect Regular Show Funko Pops Step by Step

1. Start by deciding which Regular Show Funko Pop figures you want. Consider characters such as Mordecai, Rigby, Pops, and Benson. Think about which ones you like best and would most like to have in your collection. You can also do some research online to find out what other figures are available and decide from there if something new catches your attention.

2. Gather all the necessary supplies for collecting Regular Show Funko Pops: a laptop or tablet with internet access, a credit card or prepaid debit card (if you desire to make online purchases), and protective sleeves or cases for displaying your figures when completed.

3. Research online stores that sell the brand of Regular Show Funko Pop Figures you want to collect. Look for sites that offer discount prices or sales on particular series’ of figures, so you can get more bang for your buck when building up your collection. Make sure they offer secure shipping options and reasonable insurance policies in case anything gets damaged in transit.

4. Visit one of the local toy stores that carry the Regular Show Funko Pop figure line and browse through their selection carefully – don’t forget to bring along your supply list so that you don’t get overwhelmed while looking around! Make sure all packaging is intact before making a purchase; if something doesn’t look quite right, it might be best not to take home that specific figure just yet – look elsewhere first until satisfied with whatever item catch’s your eye!

5 .Once satisfied with what you’ve collected locally, head back home and check out the various online stores again – compare prices and reviews of different sellers before settling on any one store for making purchases from then on out regularly; this ensures that subsequent transactions with the same vendor will always result in optimal results (i.e., high quality/condition items at great prices). Additionally, add any buy-one-get-one offers into consideration as well if applicable since these types of deals can save even more money!

6 .It is important to store each of your Regular Show Funko Pop figures properly after purchasing them – usually provided within boxes during shipping or on plastic stands inside display cases bought separately – keeping them appropriately secured away reduces chances of damage due over time during any handled wear & tear situations eventually resulting from normal everyday use…it’s always better safe than sorry!

7 .Lastly, try seeking out rare limited edition releases coming periodically from the company itself via their website – although costlier upfront compared regular releases found elsewhere normally these products tend worth it in terms obtaining unique items only available few collectors eyes around world at given point time – consider taking advantage such opportunities whenever comes include those special exclusive finds into personal library today & future reference need arises seeking prized possessions none own amongst ranks loyal supporters franchise/fandom members alike!

FAQs About Collecting Regular Show Funko Pops

Q: What is a Funko Pop?

A: Funko Pop is a popular line of stylized vinyl figures. The figures depict characters from movies, television shows, video games, and various other media. They are created in various sizes ranging from 3.75-inch to about 6 inches with the majority of them being about 4-inches tall. Each figure has an unmistakable design featuring an oversized head and small body which makes them easy to recognize wherever they are displayed. The paint application used on the figures ensures that each one looks unique and allows for maximum detail to be captured in a smaller size.

Q: Why should I start collecting Regular Show Funko Pops?

A: Collecting Regular Show Funko Pops is an excellent way to show your fandom for the animated TV series by Cartoon Network Studios which ran from 2009-2017. It’s also a great way to express your appreciation for the beloved characters Mordecai and Rigby, as well as Margaret, Benson, Skips, Pops, Muscle Man and Hi Fi Five! Whether you’re just starting out or looking to expand an existing collection – Regular Show Funko Pops are sure to be among some of your favorite pieces!

Q: How Many Regular Show Funko Pops Are There?

A: As of 2021 there are over 40 different Regular Show Funko Pop figures available covering all seven seasons of the show and even includes exclusives like Hot Topic’s Muscle Man 2-Pack or Walmart’s Unhooded Mordecai! With so many options available it’s easy to customize your collection with any character imaginable – making it possible for every fan young or old to support their favorite duo in style!

Q: Where Should I Purchase My Regular Show Funko Pops?

A: You can purchase your favorite Regular Show characters online or at any local retailer that offers these figures! With websites such as Amazon and eBay offering multiple options when it comes to choosing between exclusive variants or limited edition pieces – chances are you will find exactly what you need no matter where you decide to shop! Additionally most major comic shops carry regularly updated stock so make sure you check those too before making up your mind on where to buy from next time around!

Top 5 Facts About the Regular Show Funko Pop Collection

Funko Pop figures are some of the most popular collectibles on the market. The Regular Show Funko Pop Collection is no exception and offers plenty of fun-filled options for fans of the show. Here are some facts about this collection that you may not have known:

1. Variety – There’s a wide selection of characters from the show available in this Funko Pop collection, including Mordecai, Rigby, Benson, Pops and many more! Each figure also has several variations so collectors can find just what they’re looking for.

2. Limited Editions – In addition to the regular figures available in this collection, there are also several limited edition versions which have been released over time to mark special occasions. Some of these exclusive releases include characters dressed up as Santa Claus or an Easter version with a pink hat!

3. Detailed Design – Not only do these figures look great but they are also designed with incredible attention to detail; each one has its own specific facial expression and posture that matches their character in the show perfectly!

4. Collectability – As with any other Funko Pop series, each figure comes with its own unique code number which makes it possible to determine which version it is and when it was released – perfect for completing a set or finding rare items!

5. Pre-Ordering – If you’re a big fan of The Regular Show, then pre-ordering is definitely something you should consider doing whenever new figures become available. Many retailers will offer discounts for people who pre-order before launch day so keep your eyes peeled for those special deals!

Displaying Your Collection of Regular Show Funko Pops

If you are a fan of the cartoon series Regular Show, then you know how much there is to love! From Mordecai and Rigby’s hilarious adventures to the quirky cast of characters that populate their world, everything in the show is bound to make you laugh. That’s why it should come as no surprise that there is an abundant selection of Regular Show Funko Pops for avid collectors to get their hands on. If this is your first foray into collecting these unique figures, here are some tips on displaying them in your own home.

When it comes to finding a location for your collection, keep in mind that it should be easy for people to view them and showcase each one at its best. Depending on their size and the number of pieces you have, taking over a whole room may be necessary (but totally worth it!). You may even want to try grouping the Pops around various themes like color or theme—Mordecai dressed as Dracula by Rigby’s side would look rather spooky! See if any other members of your family will join in on creating a display; having multiple perspectives can help give your collection dimension and life.

Besides positioning them together, adding additional accents like stands or shelves can also highlight certain pieces in a fun way. If you have enough space, creating separate scenes with Funko Pops recreating events from the show can be quite impressive; just make sure they are arranged securely so nothing gets damaged. And if all else fails, there’s always limited edition pieces available which could add anticipation when someone enters your display area or sparks interest from visitors who recognize favorite characters from episodes before.

Viewing any collectible item does not have an absolute “right” or “wrong” answer since everyone has different likes and dislikes about where things should go or how things are arranged; what really matters when showing off something so close to our hearts is simply enjoying ourselves (and others!) while admiring our vast bounty of goodies!

Tips for Future Collectors of the Regular Show Funko Pop Collection

The Regular Show Funko Pop collection offers collectors a glimpse into the world of cartoon misadventures, where you can follow the hijinks of Mordecai and Rigby. Collecting the regular show Funko Pop figures is a great way to add an element of fan-service to your personal collection. Whether you’re an avid collector or just getting started, here are some tips to help make your journey through The Regular Show’s world of vinyl figures a successful one.

First, it pays to research different versions of each character present in The Regular Show Funko Pop Collection. Many characters have special edition variations that offer distinct color schemes or alternate designs. As with any collecting hobby, having access to detailed information about specific items will be key for making informed decisions when looking to purchase pieces from this line.

Second, try to stay up to date with any new editions added to the regular show Funko Pop collection. While rare exclusives can be a desirable goal for collectors, it’s possible you may miss out on them if not actively aware of their existence in the market. Always keep tabs on what exclusive or limited edition pieces might be coming down the pipeline so that you have ample time and resources to fully invest in whatever catches your eye!

Thirdly, prioritize quality over quantity when constructing your own personal Regular Show Funko Pop Collection. When dealing with collectible figurines such as these, condition usually trumps raw quantity – consider being patient and picking up only those figures that are free from scuffs and blemishes! Additionally try checking rates for replacement parts offered by vendors just incase repairs are needed down the line. Moreover, figure cases can also be great investments for protecting high-end pieces or those with varying paint jobs due their delicate nature when compared other parts within The Regular Show Funko Pop series!

Finally – stick with itemized checklists while browsing around shops in order prevent getting caught up hype buying unnecessary items or duplicates along the way!! Furthermore familiarizing yourself regional conventions focused specifically on toy collecting could serve as excellent venues enjoy good company while scouting out new acquisitions at competitive prices!

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