Cleveland Browns Fans Rejoice: Funko Pop Collectibles Now Available!

Cleveland Browns Fans Rejoice: Funko Pop Collectibles Now Available! Uncategorized

How to Start Your Cleveland Browns Funko Pop Collection: A Step-by-Step Guide

If you’re a Cleveland Browns fan and also love collecting Funko Pops, then why not combine both of your passions and start a Cleveland Browns Funko Pop collection! The Browns have had some legendary players throughout their history, which makes it even more exciting to collect memorabilia in the form of cute little vinyl figures!

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to start your own Cleveland Browns Funko Pop collection:

Step 1: Determine Your Budget

Before you dive head-first into collecting, it’s important to determine your budget. Collecting Funko Pops can be addicting, but you don’t want to break the bank on just one figure! Determine what you’re comfortable spending per month or per figure and stick to that budget.

Step 2: Research Available Figures

The next step is to research available figures that feature Cleveland Browns players. Visit local stores like Hot Topic, GameStop or Barnes & Noble, or browse online stores like Amazon or eBay. Make sure to read descriptions carefully so you know exactly what condition the figure is in before purchasing.

Step 3: Purchase Your First Figure!

Now comes the fun part – purchasing your first Cleveland Browns Funko Pop! Choose a figure that features your favorite player or a classic jersey design. It’s always good to start with a well-known player that will set the tone for future purchases.

Step 4: Display Your Collection

Once you’ve purchased your first figure, it’s time to display it along with any other sports memorabilia you may already have. You can use shelves, display cases or even build custom displays – get creative with it!

Step 5: Expand Your Collection

Now that your collection has started taking shape and has found its place in your home or office setting, expand upon it by adding different variations of each player – new uniforms (if available), different poses/stances they come in etc.

Overall, starting a Cleveland Browns Funko Pop collection is a fun and exciting way to combine your love of sports with collecting. Don’t forget to continue researching, setting budgets, and displaying your collection with pride! And who knows, maybe one day someone else will find inspiration from it too!

Frequently Asked Questions about Cleveland Browns Funko Pops: What You Need to Know

Cleveland Browns Funko Pops have taken the world by storm with their eye-catching designs, intricate details, and undeniable charm. If you’re a fan of this NFL team or simply a collector of all things fun and funky, then chances are you’ve already been bitten by the Funko Pop bug.

In case you’re new to the game or just looking for some clarification on the subject, we’ve compiled this list of frequently asked questions about Cleveland Browns Funko Pops:

What are Cleveland Browns Funko Pops?

Cleveland Browns Funko Pops are collectible vinyl figures produced by Funko Inc., inspired by various NFL players and franchises. These adorable little pop culture icons stand at around 3.75 inches tall and are modeled after iconic characters from movies, TV shows, video games, sports teams, and more.

Who makes them?

Funko is the company behind Cleveland Browns Funko Pops. It is an American company headquartered in Everett, Washington, that creates licensed pop culture collectibles like action figures, bobbleheads, plush toys, clothing apparel and of course – its famous line of pops.

How many different Cleveland Browns Funkos are there?

As of now (October 2021), there are several different Cleveland Browns Funkos available for purchase. Some represent popular team players like Baker Mayfield and Odell Beckham Jr., while others showcase iconic mascots like Chomps The Dawg.

Where can I buy them?

Cleveland Browns Funkos can be purchased at your local toy stores or online platforms such as Amazon or eBay. You could also order directly through official licensees’ websites such as

How much do they cost?

The price range for these cute little figures varies depending on several factors such as rarity and exclusivity but they generally range from $10 to $30.

Are there any rare ones worth collecting?

Absolutely! Just as with any other collector’s item, the rarity and exclusivity of certain Cleveland Browns Funkos can make them highly valuable. For instance, limited edition figures that are deemed “Chase Variants” or “Exclusive” are typically worth more.

What makes them so popular?

Cleveland Browns Funko Pops owe their popularity to a combination of factors. They offer an affordable way for fans to show their love for the team and players while also serving as a fun addiction for toy lovers who simply can’t resist collecting.

Why should I consider buying one?

There are countless reasons why anyone should consider purchasing a Cleveland Browns Funko Pop! These little figures serve as great desk decorations or collectibles, making them perfect gifts for avid NFL fans or collectors alike.

To sum it all up, Cleveland Browns Funko Pops are not just another knock-knock joke but a storm that everyone wants to be part of. Whether you’re looking to buy them as collectibles, gift ideas, or just want some cute desk buddies – these pops are sure to ignite your passion for the game and bring joy into your life every day!

Top 5 Facts About Cleveland Browns Funko Pops That Every Fan Should Know

The Cleveland Browns are one of the most storied franchises in NFL history. And when it comes to collectible items, Funko Pops have become one of the most sought-after memorabilia items of recent years. So here are the top five facts about Cleveland Browns Funko Pops that every fan should know:

1. The Very First Cleveland Browns Funko Pop was an Exclusive Figure
The first Cleveland Browns Funko Pop to hit the market was a special-edition figure exclusively released at the 2019 Comic-Con. This exclusive figure featured running back Nick Chubb donning his brown and orange jersey.

2. There Are Only Three Different Molded Figures On The Market
Although all three figures feature different players, Odell Beckham Jr., Baker Mayfield, and Myles Garrett, they all are molded using the same format and design.

3. They Feature Some of The Most Popular Players In Team History
Funko Pops typically focus on current stars or nostalgia-inducing figures from days gone by, but many Cleveland Browns fans believe that these particular figures highlight some of their favorite players in team history.

4. The Odell Beckham Jr Figurine Received Criticism for Misaligned Hands
When Funko announced its landmark deal with OBJ to release a figurine depicting him joining up with Mayfield in early 2020 before season opener, collectors were thrilled to buy instantly. But few owners complained later online about slightly misaligned hands adding another shade of funko snafu stories.

5. They Have Become A Mix Of Pop Culture & Football Fans Hobbies.
With numerous fan-custom made designs available for purchase online by dedicated football followers or creative graphic designers adding more funko pops and other collectibles but different themes such as music bands, movie characters or any industry present in pop culture now-a-days.

So there you have it – whether you’re looking to add more collectibles to your shelves or simply want to know more about Cleveland Browns collectibles, these five facts about Funko Pops should give you a good idea of why they are so special. Whether you’re a fan of the team, pop culture or both, there’s no doubt that this type of memorabilia makes up for a great addition.

The Best Cleveland Browns Funko Pop Designs: Which Ones Should You Buy?

As a Cleveland Browns fan, collecting Funko Pop figures is an absolute must-have. These collectible figurines capture the essence of your favorite characters and celebrities in a stylized, adorable format. And when it comes to Cleveland Browns Funko Pop designs, there are plenty of options available for fans to choose from. So which ones should you buy? Here are some of our top picks:

1. Baker Mayfield

It goes without saying that Baker Mayfield is one of the most iconic players on the Cleveland Browns roster. So if you’re looking for a Funko Pop that perfectly captures his essence, look no further than this figurine. The Baker Mayfield Funko Pop features him in his signature jersey and helmet, ready to lead the Browns into battle.

2. Odell Beckham Jr.

Odell Beckham Jr. may be new to the Cleveland Browns team, but he’s already made an impact with fans worldwide. Show your support for OBJ with this amazing Funko Pop design featuring his trademark blonde hairdo and epic touchdown celebrations.

3. Joe Thomas

Joe Thomas may have retired from football back in 2018, but he’s still considered one of the greatest offensive linemen in NFL history—and rightfully so! This Joe Thomas Funko Pop commemorates his impressive career with the Browns while showcasing his fierce determination and power.

4.Myles Garrett

Myles Garrett has been making waves on the field since he joined the Cleveland Browns as their first overall pick in 2017. Now you can add this powerful defensive player to your collection with this stunning Myles Garrett Funko Pop design.

5.Denzel Ward

Denzel Ward has become one of the most exciting young cornerbacks in football today thanks to his speed, agility and killer instincts on defense. And you can celebrate his talent by adding this incredible Denzel Ward Funko Pop figure to your collection.

6.Jim Brown

No list of Cleveland Browns Funko Pop designs would be complete without the great Jim Brown. This iconic player led the Browns to three NFL championships in his career, and this collectible figure pays tribute to his athletic ability as a running back.

7.Dawg Pound Mascot
If you’re looking for a Funko Pop that perfectly captures the spirit of Cleveland Browns fandom, there’s no better choice than the Dawg Pound mascot. With this fun design, you can show your support for your favorite team while celebrating one of its most beloved symbols.

No matter which Cleveland Browns Funko Pops you choose to add to your collection, you’ll be able to proudly display these adorable figurines wherever you go. Whether it’s on your desk at work or on your living room shelf, these figures are sure to spark joy and excitement every time you see them. So go ahead and pick up some of our top picks today—and let the good times roll!

Cleveland Browns Funko Pops for Fans of All Ages: The Perfect Gift for Young and Old Alike

When it comes to sports teams, there are few more storied and beloved franchises than the Cleveland Browns. With a history dating back over 70 years, generations of fans have grown up rooting for the Browns through thick and thin. And now, thanks to Funko Pops, fans of all ages can show their love for this legendary team in a whole new way.

Funko Pops are the perfect gift for young and old alike, offering a fun and creative way to celebrate your favorite sports team. These adorable figures come in a wide variety of designs, each featuring the unique details and characteristics of your chosen character or player. From their distinctive uniforms to their signature poses and expressions, each figure perfectly captures the spirit of your favorite team.

For Cleveland Browns fans specifically, there are plenty of great Funko Pop designs to choose from. Whether you’re looking for classic players like Jim Brown or Bernie Kosar, or modern stars like Baker Mayfield or Myles Garrett, there’s sure to be a Funko Pop that perfectly captures your favorite player’s style and personality.

What makes these figures so appealing is not just their attention to detail but also their versatility as gifts – they’re perfect for birthdays, holidays or when you want something special to mark an occasion such as graduation day or Father’s Day. Adults will appreciate them as office companions while children will enjoy trading them with friends at school.

It’s also worth noting that Funko Pops are extremely durable; made with high-quality vinyl construction, these figures can withstand even the roughest playtimes without showing signs of wear or damage. They won’t break easily if dropped by accident meaning they provide maximum enjoyment long after game day is over.

So whether you’re buying one for yourself as a tribute to your lifelong love affair with this iconic football franchise, getting one as a gift for someone else who loves Cleveland Browns Football as much as you do–funko pops offer a fun and creative option for rooting on your beloved team. In closing, Cleveland Browns Funko Pops offer a whimsical way to express love, passion and connection to the Browns cult like following spreading across America. Get yours today!

Building a Community of Cleveland Browns Funko Pop Collectors: Joining the Fandom Today.

The Cleveland Browns have a dedicated fan base that spans across the entire country. While some people collect jerseys, hats, or other memorabilia items to show their support for their favorite team, one unique way to display your love for the Browns is through Funko Pop figures.

Funko Pops have become a popular collectible item over the past decade due to their unique designs and character representations. These vinyl figures are typically three to four inches in height and come with exaggerated features such as large heads and button eyes. They cover pop culture favorites such as movies, TV shows, video games, and of course sports teams.

The Cleveland Browns were added into the Funko Pop collection in 2019 and immediately became a hit amongst sports fans worldwide. Fans can now purchase mini-versions of their favorite players such as Baker Mayfield, Odell Beckham Jr., and Myles Garrett. The Browns Funkos also include classic staples of the franchise such as the Dawg Pound mascot and legendary coach Paul Brown.

Collecting these miniature figurines has become a passion for many Browns fans who seek not only to show off their fandom but also connect with a community of like-minded individuals. There are numerous Facebook groups and forums dedicated to sharing photos, collecting tips, and trading with fellow collectors.

One of the biggest benefits of joining this community is being able to stay up-to-date on new releases or limited edition exclusives that are available at certain stores or events. Some collectors even travel across states just to attend conventions or pop-up shops where they can add rare finds to their collection.

However, building a collection requires pursuing personal interests rather than following trends indiscriminately since it involves time-consuming selection coupled with careful financial plannings considering those merchandise might become valuable over time if you keep them sealed correctly.

Building your own collection can be an incredibly fulfilling experience that allows you to display your fandom with pride while also connecting with others who share similar passions. Whether you are a seasoned collector or just starting out, there is no better time to join the Cleveland Browns Funko Pop community than now! So what are you waiting for? Join the fandom today and start building your very own Browns team in Funko form.

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