Chasing Fun: A Guide to Identifying and Collecting Funko Pop Chases

Chasing Fun: A Guide to Identifying and Collecting Funko Pop Chases History

What is a Funko Pop Chase?

A Funko Pop Chase is a variation of a standard POP! vinyl figure created and released by the company Funko, Inc. These exclusive figures are typically characterized by unique colors, designs, or sculpts that differentiate them from their normal retail counterparts. For instance, a popular chase item might feature an extra-bright color palette or some unique design element that makes it visually stand out when placed alongside its non-chase siblings. Some of the more common chases might simply be limited edition variants, while other chases require one to open up numerous different boxes in order to obtain the elusive collectible. So if you’re looking for something truly special to add to your collection (or maybe just something a little bit harder to come across) then chasing for these rare versions of POP! figures might just be what you’re looking for.

How to Find A Funko Pop Chase

If you are a Funko Pop collector, then nothing is quite as satisfying as finding a rare chase or exclusive Pop! Chases are rare versions of common figures that often feature variants from their retail counterparts. For example, some chases feature unique paint jobs or alternate sculpts, and they can be up to ten times rarer than the standard version. Unfortunately, these rare pieces aren’t always easy to find. In this article we will cover how to source a Funko Pop Chase!

The easiest way to score yourself a chased Pop is online through auction sites such as eBay and Amazon Marketplace vendors. Typically these sellers stock up on limited releases and offer them up for resale at an increased price – which often increases the demand in turn. The main advantage of using online retailers is convenience; it’s quick, easy and puts the chasing power directly into your fingertips!

For more experienced chasers there are other methods available too- such as tracking down personal sellers via social media, joining Facebook groups dedicated to collectors trading amongst one another or attending conventions where sellers hawk antique items like funko pops figures all the time. There may even be local collectors perfectly happy to offer trades of their various pieces if you open dialogue with them over something you both own or desire to acquire in return. Regardless of what method you choose for finding a chase highly desirable items like this will take dedication and organization but if done correctly can become one of your most treasured possessions when all is said and done!

Step by Step Guide To Collecting Funko Pop Chases

1. Understand Chase Pieces: Most Funko Pop chase figures are specialized variants of the regular figures, typically with unique or rare color schemes or designs. Some are much rarer than others and only a limited number of these chase pieces actually exist (for obvious reasons), so it’s important to know what you’re looking for before embarking on your search.

2. Search Locally: The best way to find Funko Pop chases is to start by searching around your local area at toy stores, comic book shops, conventions and online marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon. Chances are, someone out there will have one up for sale, but you’ll need to be diligent in your search since ultra-rare chases can sometimes go overlooked when they’re nestled among other items.

3. Join Trading Groups: If you’re having trouble finding a particular chase within your area, consider joining trade & collect groups on social media pages like Facebook or Reddit that focus specifically on Funko Pop figures – this way you can connect with other collectors who might be willing to part with their hard-to-find items in return for something else that appeals to them moreso than their original purchase would have done.

4. Make trades: Networking with other collectors is one of the best ways to get hold of elusive chase pieces – don’t hesitate to offer up some figures from your own collection in return for something desirable from theirs! Just make sure both parties have agreed upon the terms before committing; after all, nobody wants a bad reputation within the community so it’s wise to stick by any prearranged terms until finished (or if needed) offer up an alternative solution if something goes wrong during trading/fulfillment.

5 Stay Informed: With new chases being released every month it pays off big time to stay informed about upcoming releases – following sites like AI & Pop Price Guide regularly will let you know what kind of rarest pieces exist now and which ones may hit shelves in the near future! This knowledge can help fuel your collecting habits and keep an eye on potential scores as they come out – so try not miss any opportunities!

6 Beware Fake ”Chase” Figures: It’s worth bearing in mind that while many genuine chase figures often headline lists of hard-to-finds, it’s not too uncommon for unscrupulous sellers attempting pass off regular common variants as rarities too – especially given over the wider range often associated with “uncommon” merchandise from certain figurine companies when compared alongside specific those figured its impossible trawl through millions listings crosschecking accuracy semi automated programs designed just task ! It advisable check authenticity prior investing anyway possible either via photo comparison solicitation third opinion more reliable collector forum review threads locate shop trustworthy offers money back guarantees & extended warranty whenever available added bonus !!

Frequently Asked Questions About Collecting Funko Pop Chases

Frequently Asked Questions About Collecting Funko Pop Chases

Q: What is a chase figure?

A: A chase figure or variant is an alternate version of a regular Funko Pop figure with unique coloring or design. They are typically limited edition and much more rare than the standard release figures. Chases can also be considered as collector’s items, as they usually hold a slightly higher monetary value due to their rarity.

Q: How do I recognize when a chase figure is released?

A: The easiest way to recognize when a chase figure has been released is by looking at the packaging – common chases feature stickers indicating that they’re “chase”, “limited edition” or “exclusive”. Some of the rarer chases may lack these identifying marks, so it’s important to keep on top of the latest news and info related to Funko Pop releases.

Q: Where do I look for upcoming releases?

A: There are many places you can look in order to stay up-to-date with upcoming Funko Pop releases. Social media sites such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook are all great resources for staying informed about new figures, both regular and variant editions. Additionally, many retail outlets have specific websites dedicated to exclusive products — these websites will often post information about upcoming releases before they hit store shelves. It’s also always helpful to check out hobby shops, which might carry exclusive variants available only in-store!

Q: How should I care for my Pop Vinyl collection?

A: Keeping your Funko Pops in good condition requires consistent maintenance and care. Be sure not to leave them exposed long periods of direct sunlight as this can lead to discoloration over time — you should also avoid exposing them to extreme temperatures or dust/moisture too heavily as this could cause damage! For extra protection and preservation purposes it’s recommended that you store your pops in individual protective cases (or buy display boxes). Taking good care of your collection will ensure that it retains its value better over time!

Top 5 Facts about Collecting Funko Pop Chases

1. Obtaining a Chase is Not Guaranteed: Every Funko Pop series has the potential for a Chase variant, and many collections feature them – but finding one is far from guaranteed. Each retail store that sells Funko Pop vinyls randomly packs in a limited number of Chases; so no matter how much you search and check every box, it’s impossible to guarantee you’ll walk away with a Chase.

2. Chases Often Aren’t Labeled: Chances are if you’ve found a Chase before, it wasn’t labeled as such on the box. Many retailers don’t label their boxes; instead they simply put Chases “in the wild” without indication so fans never know where exactly they may find one. This means that often times, your only hint that there may be a chase nearby is when multiple boxes featuring different figures have the same paint job or slight differences in design – usually just enough to set it apart from its original counterpart.

3. Not All Chases Are Rare: Don’t let anyone fool you – not all chases are rare collectibles; some may even be found at your local store with relative ease! While certain retailers do provide us with awesome limited edition variants, these can also make up standard releases for others out there. It’s best to understand this before attempting to track down any chase, as some can unexpectedly appear anywhere and anytime!

4. Rarity Matters When Selling: Depending on which retailer the chase was released from, its rarity value could go up significantly when selling online or through secondary markets (such as eBay). That being said, if you’re thinking of selling your chase back then knowing where it came from will definitely play an important role in determining its internal value too!

5. Building Your Collection Without Breaking The Bank: Collecting funko pop chases doesn’t always mean paying top dollar prices – there’s plenty of ways to still build up your collection without losing sleep over it! If budgeting isn’t an issue then great – explore more lucrative secondary market avenues like our own monthly subscription service ‘Hunt-O-Mania’. Alternatively look into crafty giveaways & competitions held by libraries, collectors clubs and comic book events – who knows what amazing prizes await?

Pros & Cons of Collecting Funko Pop Chase Figures

Funko Pop figures have become increasingly popular in recent years, especially with collectors. This is due to the unique and interesting aesthetic of Funko Pop figures, as well as the stories they tell. One type of particularly popular Funko Pop figure is the Chase Figure. Chase Figures depict limited edition variants of existing characters, often in different colors or poses. For example, a Chase Figure might be an ordinary Marvel character painted green instead of red. Despite this extra element of exclusivity, there are some potential cons associated with collecting chase figures over regular ones:


1) When it comes to displaying random characters together on a shelf that offers visual interest for your guests or those moments when you’re enjoying your own collection at home—chase figures can really make your collection stand out from their regular counterparts without taking away from their original meaning or story.

2) A big benefit to collecting chase figures over ordinary-looking ones is that since they are much more limited and rare than traditional versions, there’s usually a higher secondary market value assigned to them if you ever decide to sell off any pieces of your collection for profit later on down the line—making them something like an investment piece in itself underneath all the collectible dust!

3) Collectors also tend to put more emphasis on getting hold of exclusive items rather than regular runs because they feel like they have a chance at acquiring something truly special which no else will have access too. Such exclusivity can significantly increase the joy and enthusiasm surrounding each purchase and plenty motivation to keep hunting down every item in sight!


1) The one main drawback associated with picking up these exclusive variantr figures is that many times, they come at substantial cost premiums compared regular ones. Because supply levels are so low when it comes to high-demand characters such as Marvel’s Iron Man or DC’s Batman—so there’s usually an additional premium placed above what you would normally need to fork out in order cover costs related primarily related production expenses (e.g., advertising campaigns).

2) Another con related chaseses is that many times these releases run parallel with large presales/ preorders where stock often gets exhausted almost instantaneously making it hard for seasoned veterans and newcomers alike secure one before it goes off shelves again (or sometimes permanently out of stock). So if there’s something specific want for your collection should really make sure stay vigilant during launch season – because chances missing capture simply vanish seconds right front our eyes!

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