Bringing the 80s to Life with a Scarface Funko Pop Collection!

Bringing the 80s to Life with a Scarface Funko Pop Collection! 1980

Introduction to the Popularity of Scarface Funko Pop: Why is this such a great collectible?

Funko Pop! vinyl figures are one of the most beloved and popular collectible items around. The famous Scarface figure from the classic 1983 gangster film is no exception. With its iconic design, a high level of detailed craftsmanship, and an instantly recognizable likeness, this Funko Pop figure has become an instant classic for collectors everywhere.

The unique and intricate look of the Scarface Funko Pop has won over countless fans with its stunning detail and reverence to Pacino’s character in the movie. The paint job is true to the exact color palette used in the original film and features some gorgeous metallic accents to add even more life to the figure. Different shades of gray intermingle with black outlines to flawlessly capture Tony Montana’s unforgettable facial features.

What makes this collectible even more special is that it comes with a number of accessories, including cigarillos, a machine gun, a mountable phone frame—all expertly crafted—and few other various items needed for complete immersion into the world of Scarface. All these separate pieces combine together to make a magnificent display set on any shelf or mantlepiece.

For fans both old and new, no collection is complete without this must-have item from one of Hollywood’s most legendary films. Its growing popularity has made it nearly impossible for anyone looking for an extra special memorabilia piece about their favorite movie details covered in amazing quality like no other figurine on the market can provide!

Step by Step Guide on How to Get Your Very Own Scarface Funko Pop

One of the best-known movie mobsters of all time is Scarface, a ruthless criminal in 1980s Miami. Along with being an iconic figure from a time gone by, he is also highly collectible in the form of a Funko Pop! vinyl figure. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to get your very own Scarface Funko Pop:

Step 1: Research which Scarface figures are available. There are several types and sizes of Vinyl figures based on characters from the movie, so take some time to explore which one best fits your collection – or get all three!

Step 2: Choose who you will buy it from. You can find Scarface figures online, including at official Funko stores, or you should be able to find them physically at most toy stores and comic book shops. Do some research into the prices and availability before deciding where to buy yours.

Step 3: Decide how much you’re willing to spend. The official Funko Pop range can cost anywhere between $10-$20 (USD), depending on size and version – not bad for a much-loved pop culture icon like Scarface!

Step 4: Check out places like eBay for rare versions that may be cheaper than buying new. If you are serious about collecting all versions of your favorite characters then searching for gently used vintage toys could save you money without compromising quality.

Step 5: Get it here as soon as possible – don’t miss out on this chance when it comes along! Once you have decided which version to buy, make sure that you pick up your order quickly so you don’t miss out due to limited supplies or long wait times. With luck, the perfect addition to your collection will be just around the corner waiting for you!

Essential FAQ About Collecting Scarface Funko Pop

Funko Pop is an iconic collectible figure line that has been around for many years. It’s enjoyed by fans of all ages, and it’s not hard to see why! Collecting Scarface Funko Pops can be a fun and rewarding experience, but before diving in there are a few essential FAQs you should consider.

Q: What Kind Of Scarface Funkos Are There?

A: There is a wide range of Scarface Funko Pop figures available for collectors to choose from. Many include favorite characters from the classic 1983 film, as well as figures based on other media appearances made by Al Pacino’s immortal gangster Tony Montana. The earliest figures depict him in his iconic white suit and ray-bans, while more recent versions feature recognizable icons like his shovel hands or cigar smoking poses. There are also limited edition exclusives featuring different outfits or colors.

Q: Where Can I Find Scarface Funkos?

A: You can find your favorite Scarface Pop figures almost everywhere – from dedicated fan sites or comic conventions to trading sites and retailers such as Hot Topic or Barnes & Noble. Additionally eBay and Amazon offer tons of variations for those willing to search! Be sure to shop carefully though – make sure any scarce items you purchase come with open quality control details; you don’t want to end up buying a fake!

Q: How Much Do They Cost?

A: The price of each individual figure will depend on its rarity and condition, along with what specific style you’re looking for (if it’s an exclusive version). Generally speaking they are fairly affordable – prices usually hover around $10-$20 per piece when purchased new through online stores like Amazon or eBay. That being said, their popularity means limited edition variants have drastically increased in value in recent years – some go for hundreds of dollars nowadays!

Q: Is There A Community Around Collecting These Figures?

A: Yes absolutely! From established specialist retail stores raving about their latest finds, to online forums buzzing with worldwide discussions – there is definitely an active community behind the world of Funko collecting! Fans love geeking out over obscure variants just as much as sharing tips on how to care for your collection best; these passionate people are always happy to discuss anything relatedto previous figures, upcoming releases or even creating your own custom designs too!

Top 5 Amazing Facts About Scarface Funko Pop

1. Scarface is one of the most iconic movie characters of all time and now you can have a miniature version in your very own home as a Funko Pop! figure. The famous Cuban gangster, Tony Montana, played by Al Pacino, has been immortalized in a special edition Vinyl figure complete with white suit and machine gun – perfect for any fan’s collection.

2. The character of Tony Montana has become almost synonymous with ’80s culture and this special figure from Funko gives fans a unique opportunity to bring Scarface into their living room or office space. Its poseable limbs give it even more realism while its highly detailed face captures the menace that made Montana so famous on the silver screen.

3. There are five versions of this coveted collectible available including two main versions with different hairstyles as well as two chase versions featuring gold and silver detailing to really stand out from the others on your shelves. To top it off there is also an exclusive Walmart edition that adds extra bling with its diamond-encrusted shirt!

4. As if that wasn’t enough, each vinyl figure also comes packaged with one of five eminently quotable lines from the movie – providing further happiness for dedicated Scarface admirers everywhere!

5. For little bits of fun these figures definitely pack big punches – recreating some of Tony’s most memorable moments on everyone’s favourite crime saga from 1983 in hilarious fashion these amazing facts about Scarface Funko Pops make them an essential addition to any collector’s curio cabinet!

Pros and Cons of Having a Scarface Funko Pop Collection

Having a Scarface Funko Pop collection can be great for collectors, as it is an iconic film that has remained popular over the decades. It also provides a unique way to display a fondness and appreciation of the Scarface movie. But having this kind of collection comes with both pros and cons.


– These collectibles are very popular amongst fans of the movie, making them highly sought after by those with an interest in pop culture memorabilia. They make for conversation pieces when placed on display in a home or office.

– Having a wide variety of Scarface Pops helps to complete the look for any collector’s shelves or showcase, creating an eye-catching feature that any guest won’t soon forget.

– These items make great gifts for friends and family members who are big fans of the movie or admire Tony Montana’s rebellious spirit!

– They’re also relatively inexpensive compared to other types of collectibles, so they can easily fit within anyone’s budget!


– While they may be popular among fans, there are still some limits on what is available when it comes to these types of collectibles; if you don’t find exactly what you’re looking for in stores, chances are it may not even exist!

– Limited edition figures may require more spending power than some enthusiasts have available; so it can take quite a while before adding one piece to your collection is economically possible.

– Some versions will always remain exclusive and never officially released due to restrictions from licensing rights; often leaving those particular figures completely out of reach for buyers.

In conclusion, having a Scarface pop collection certainly has its advantages but must also come with considerations toward potential drawbacks as well; everything from availability and cost restrictions to limited edition licenses should all factor into ones decision before committing to such an endeavor!

Final Thoughts on Why You Should Have a Scarface Funko Pop Collection

Funko Pop figures offer a great way to show off your appreciation for something you love. Whether it’s movies, TV shows, sports teams, or game characters, there’s a Funko Pop figure out there for everyone. In particular, fans of the classic crime drama Scarface can now get their own collection of Scarface Funko Pops to add to their home decor and show off their fandom.

Scarface is famous for its violent and iconic imagery, which translated perfectly into durable collectible figures by Funko. Each one features Tony Montana looking menacing with his signature cigar and slicked back hair; with 11 different versions available, these figures will fit perfectly into any collection you may already have – they also make great gifts if you want to share your appreciation with someone special! The figures are crafted using detailed sculpting methods so that each one looks as close to the movie character as possible. The soft vinyl material makes them safe for little ones (under adult supervision of course) – who wouldn’t be excited about getting their own mini-Tony Montana?

No matter if your style is minimalistic or vibrant and colorful, having a Scarface Funko Pop collection will bring subtle yet impressive flare and originality to any room in your house. They not only look fantastic but remind us about an important classic in cinema history, opening discussions on its content controversial themes such as drugs, violence, ambition and more. Since most of our conversations currently tend to take place online due to social distancing measures still in effect around the world – adding these pieces to your living space could be just what you need loosen up those discussions around you!

In conclusion; having a full set of Scarface Funko Pops allows you not only bring an impressive display of artistic designs into your home but also trigger deeper conversations challenging traditional thinking while celebrating the legacy this movie left behind.

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