Big Funko Pop: Get Ready to Start Collecting!

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What is a Big Funko Pop?

A Big Funko Pop is a type of collectible figurine that has become popular in recent years. Originally created by the company Funko, these figures are typically posed in an iconic design or style based on characters from television shows, films and video games. They’re distinctive for their larger size compared to traditional action figures or toys, as the average Big Funko Pop stands about 6-7 inches tall—much bigger than your regular action figure.

Big Funko Pops have become popular among collectors due to their unique shapes, designs and detail. From superheroes to Star Wars characters, from classic movies to beloved cartoon heroes—whether you’re looking for something as sophisticated as a vintage DC character or a fun modern Disney figure—there’s sure to be something for you. While traditionally more focused on adult fans who want something more than just a toy, recently even younger children are getting into the trend of collecting these giant vinyl statues.

Big Funkos are usually sold blind boxed so that buyers don’t know exactly which figure they will receive until after the purchase is made. This means that it adds an element of surprise and anticipation when it comes time to open up the box and see what character awaits inside! And with hundreds of different characters (and new ones being added all the time), there’s no shortage of fun surprises when it comes to collecting these oversize Pops.

Benefits of Collecting Big Funko Pops

If you’re considering joining the growing numbers of Funko Pop! collectors, you’re in luck. As one of the largest and most popular collectibles on the market today, those who choose to amass a collection of Funko Pops! can reap some amazing benefits! Here’s a few:

1. Affordability – Part of why Collecting Big Funko Pops has become so popular is because it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Most figures cost less than $20, making them accessible to everyone. Compared with expensive platinum collector options like sports cards or antiques, collecting Funkos won’t break the bank!

2. Nostalgia – When you look at certain collections (Popeye, The Flintstones, etc), it can bring back memories from your childhood. Nothing quite compares to that feeling of nostalgia as you reminisce over breakfast cereal we used to eat and cartoons we used to watch…and now we get to own their “persona” in our home!

3. Fun-For-All Ages – Not just for kids, adults everywhere are finding that collecting Funko Pops is an addictively fun way to while away some time while delighting in all their favorite characters from TV shows and movies throughout recent decades; from Kya in Avatar: The Last Airbender ,to Scooby Doo himself there’s something for every age bracket.

4. Display Them Anywhere– From your bookshelf or mantelpiece, on your window sill or by your bedside table ,you can creatively display them anywhere around the house – turning what is typically an area full books and knick-knacks into a whimsical shrine dedicated to adorning movie stars, superheroes and everyone else !

5. Unique & Collectable – These collectable figures have an aesthetic unlike any other toy out there – they’re quirky yet sophisticated & come in hundreds of variations giving immense scope for creating unique lines up figures & perfect combinations when trying to increase the value depth of your collection .

6. Social Interaction – Chatting with fellow collectors online has grown far beyond simple trade swops; they often attend conventions together , exchange tips on care & general product knowledge thus building stronger relationships during lots more meaningful meetups !

How To Get Started with Collecting Big Funko Pops

Are you looking for a fun and exciting way to start collecting Funko Pop figurines? If so, it’s time you found out how to get started with collecting Big Funko Pops!

Big Funky Pop figurines come in all shapes, sizes, and designs. With their friendly characters and collectible features, these figures have become an increasingly popular hobby for fans of culture, art, and popular music. Now is the perfect time to get started on your own collection! To help you begin your journey in collecting Big Funko Pops, here are some helpful tips:

1. Research the different types of Big Funko Pops available: There are many types of Big Funky Pops available today. From Marvel movies to Disney villains and Star Wars characters to DC comics heroes – you’ll never run out of unique figures to add to your collection. Make sure you know what type of figure will fit best into your collection before making any purchases.

2. Inspect each figure carefully before buying: Before investing in any Figure, take a few minutes to carefully inspect it to make sure that it’s in great condition. Look for cracks or missing paint on the figurine which can reduce the resale value significantly if not fixed ASAP (if re-sale has any interest). When looking at larger figures such as Figment or King Louie look for any signs that could indicate a defect with its internal mechanism like limbs that do not move freely or heads that will not rotate properly as this could require professional repair work eventually down the line if left unchecked.

3. Invest in protective packaging materials: Once you have ensured that each figure is intact, pick up some protective packaging materials from a hobby store or online retailer like foam sleeves, plastic clamshells or even two-piece plastic boxes lined with felt cloths which can be used when transporting them safely long distances without fear of damage occurring during transit. Not only do these helps keep things tidy but they increase chances of retaining their value over time due to being less likely exposed harmful environmental factors like dust accumulation & pest infestations (which can harm even plastic figures over extended periods). This just takes little bit extra effort however its well worth it given collectables like these tend retain their monetary worth more when handled correctly!

FAQs about Collecting Big Funko Pops

1. How do I know which Big Funko Pops to collect?

Collecting Big Funko Pops can be a tricky process as there is an ever-growing selection of characters and designs available. To help narrow down the choices, start by considering what interests you most: movie characters, cartoon characters, video games or icons from your favorite franchises. Once you have a general idea of the type of Pop you want to add to your collection, research different lines of Pop’s that are available. There are several sites like and that provide helpful information on trends in pop collecting as well as prices for particular pops so that you can make sure that your investment is valuable should you ever decide to sell it later on.

2. Where Can I Find Big Funko Pops?

You can find Big Funko Pops at major retailers like Walmart, Target and Toys ‘R’ Us and online retailers such as Toyhouze and eBay. Depending on your budget and preference there is also a large selection found through third party sellers too like Macy’s or Hot Topic — though it’s important to note that the pricing may vary significantly based on where you purchase from (for instance prices will most likely be higher from a third party seller than from a major retailer). Additionally, you can even sometimes find rare exclusive pops at conventions such as Comic Con — so if attending one is an option for you then it might be worth keeping an eye out for potential gems!

3. What types of protection should i use for my Big Funko Pop collection?

Protecting your Big Funko Pop collection is essential in preserving its value – whether for selling purposes or just personal enjoyment ! A good way to start off is by investing in several plastic storage boxes with individual compartments (typically made out of clear plastic) that organize each figurine according to size and theme; this helps avoid any confusion when piecing through your collection later time. Additionally, consider purchasing fan sleeves specifically designed for larger figurines; they will protect the base of the figurine while still allowing visibility The final step would be purchasing dust free bags which fit over each figure securely – all the while not taking up too much space!

4. Do I need special cleaning products or tools fo rmy big funko pops?

In order maintain their condition and keep them looking new over time, careful consideration should be taken into regarding cleaning products used when wiping down large figures periodically (especially after displaying them in public spaces!). For starters choose cloths made expressly for this purpose only (since using paper towels will leave residue behind), as well as specialized cleaners catered towards restoring plastics shining presence! This type of cleaner isn’t hard to come by – with many hardware stores carrying supplies specifically tailored towards action figures restoration needs – however always double check product labels before applying anything onto surfaces since some products could potentially cause harm if not properly handled .

Top 5 Facts About Collecting Big Funko Pops

1. Collection Variety: Big Funko Pop figures come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and styles that can appeal to many different types of collectors. Popular franchises such as Star Wars, Harry Potter, and the Marvel Cinematic Universe are represented by collectible figures so fans can recreate their favorite scenes or characters with life-sized props and decorations. Depending on the age group or children’s shows being collected for it may be more suitable to look into regular sized Funko Pop figures instead.

2. Limited Editions/Exclusives: With certain franchises becoming larger than ever in terms of popularity there are also limited editions and exclusives that become available which have quickly become collector’s items themselves! For those looking to something even more unique they can look around online auction sites like Ebay where rare and vintage items may be available but the prices will reflect this high level rarity.

3. Display Considerations: Big Funko Pops vary from 6” tall up to 24” tall which doesn’t leave much room for displaying them without taking up quite a bit of space! Many collectors opt for wall mounting options as well as stands although this may not be suitable for everyone due to potential damage risks during shipping if not secured correctly against inner packaging materials when boxes are opened upon arrival.

4. Cost Per Figure: Before buying Funko Pops (Big or otherwise) you should confirm with your local comic shops or online retailers what their pricing is as some might offer discounts based on order quantity or discounts exclusive only to their customers; additionally cost per figure will increase depending on exclusivity from said retailer specially sourced rare releases!

5. Online Communities: Building any collection requires knowledge about products you’re interested in collecting; luckily the internet makes this process easier than ever before with a plethora of different forums offering advice from fellow collectors all over world! On these resources you get an insight into opinion about pieces new pieces that were released and any useful information needed like edition numbers, reviews of suppliers etc… Fun websites dedicated solely towards collecting/buying pop culture figures also exist as well and several social media accounts so if your still unsure where to begin then talking with other seasoned veterans would be wise move – very helpful indeed!

Closing Thoughts on the Benefits of Collecting Big Funko Pops

Collecting big Funko Pops is an excellent hobby that offers numerous benefits. This type of collection provides plenty of joy, fun, and satisfaction as each find is truly unique. Furthermore, it presents a whole world of possibilities to explore with incredible variety from which to choose from.

The biggest benefit of collecting large Funko Pop figures is its lineage. From the original Biggie Figs to the latest King Size Pops, the sheer amount of design detail found in these larger toys is pleasantly overwhelming and adds even more value for fans. The bigger size allows for intricate paint jobs, clear plastic cases for displays, and rare limited edition pieces. Collectors can have a bounty of aesthetic choices as they curate their own personal collections.

Collecting also serves practical purposes beyond just visual delight; when stacked together wholesale Funko Pop figures look great in any home or office environment (or anywhere else you’d want to show them off). What better way to give your room some character than with your favorite Disney princesses or anime characters? It doesn’t stop there either – keeping these stacks organized can actually lead you down a wonderful organizational journey! Finding the perfect labels and containers (which generally come free with larger toy box sets) can be both entertaining and aesthetically pleasing at the same time – not to mention efficient when it comes time to pack up your boxes prior to moving day!

All in all, collecting large Funko Pop figures has many rewarding benefits if pursued correctly; creating lifelong memories while providing new knowledge about some of our favorite characters along the way. For avid collectors searching for that special experience they get out of collectibles – big Funko Pops are definitely worth considering as part of their next additions!

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