Adding Fun to Home Alone with the Perfect Funko Pop Collection

Adding Fun to Home Alone with the Perfect Funko Pop Collection 2018

What is Home Alone Funko Pop?: An Introduction

Home Alone Funko Pop is an adorable line of collectible vinyl figures that celebrates the beloved holiday classic, Home Alone. The cute and cuddly renditions of Kevin McAllister, Marv Merchants, Harry Lime, Buzz McCalister and other characters from the iconic film franchise make perfect play pals for any child’s room. Not only are these Funko Pops totally ‘90s nostalgia-worthy, but their vibrant colors also ensure that they stand out in any toy box or collector’s shelf. Whether you’re a fan of Christmas movies or just appreciate classic humor—Home Alone Funko Pop is sure to make a great addition to any family’s holiday traditions. These figurines feature exquisite detailing and expert sculpting that allows them to capture the personalities of each character perfectly—from Kevin’s mischievous grin to Marv’s scowl. From prancing on rooftops with coal bags over their shoulders to hopping around Snakes in a tunnel—this playful collection highlights all of your favorite scenes from this movie franchise. Show off your appreciation for one of the most beloved Christmas films with Home Alone Funko Pop!

Where to Buy a Home Alone Funko Pop?

Funko Pop figures represent a variety of pop culture characters and franchises, and collectors’ loyalty to them continues to grow. The iconic Home Alone menace, Kevin McCallister, is one of the many characters that you can find as part of Funko Pop’s impressive lineup.

Fortunately for fans of all things Home Alone, tracking down their very own Kevin McAllister Funko Pop is not too difficult. You can now find the beloved character in his signature coat at most reputable toy stores or a variety of online outlets. You may even come across some exclusive color variations if you dig deep enough!

For those who are looking for simpler solutions, some of the popular online merchants such as Amazon or eBay are likely your best bet as they both offer a broad selection of Home Alone Funko Pops available for purchase. If you’re extra picky about what kind of Funko post pick up, then this would be an ideal option since you’ll have plenty to choose from and can even keep an eye out for any special deals!

Furthermore, movie memorabilia websites like Hot Topic also carry several versions of this beloved figure so consumers have multiple options when it comes to making sure they take home the perfect collectible. Last but not least, you can always check out specific product listings on certain collector sites such as My Geek Box to snag a rarer version that is only ever released once in a while!

Overall, there is no shortage when it comes to where one can buy their very own Home Alone Funko Pop. No matter which outlet you decide upon, just make sure that it meets your collecting criteria so you won’t be disappointed with your purchase!

How to Collect a Home Alone Funko Pop?

Collecting Funko Pop figures, especially one as iconic as Home Alone’s Kevin McCallister can be an extremely fun and exciting endeavour. However, it can also take quite a bit of hunting and planning to find the right Pop that meets your needs. Here are some steps you should consider when attempting to collect a Home Alone Funko Pop:

1. Determine which Edition you want: Depending on the movie’s popularity, there might be different editions of a given Funko Pop figure. For example, many characters in popular franchises like Star Wars or Marvel already have multiple variants and editions available. Decide which version of Kevin that you want before hunting down your Pop; this will make your search much easier and help narrow down the options.

2. Check online marketplace sites: A quick search on eBay or Amazon should give you an idea of how much different versions of the Home Alone figure cost and whether they’re currently available. When searching for collector’s items like Funko Pops, it’s important to ensure that you’re dealing with trusted sellers who guarantee authenticity and delivery of your product; buying from unknown markets may cause more headaches than satisfaction in the end.

3. Attend local conventions: Collectors often frequent conventions like Comic-Con or Toy Fair to check out exclusive releases or buy limited edition figures—like those featuring Kevin from Home Alone There tends to be great deals at these events so definitely keep them in mind if you plan on expanding your collection beyond this particular item!

4. Reach out to collectors groups online: Social media platforms such as Reddit, Facebook Groups or Instagram are great places to find fellow collectors who might offer up some advice or even point you towards specific stores where Funko Pops featuring Kevin McAllister might be sold near you!

FAQs About Collecting Home Alone Funko Pops

Q1: What is a Funko Pop?

Answer: A Funko Pop is a unique and popular line of vinyl figures that has become popular with adult collectors and kids alike. They are based on characters from different franchises, such as movies, TV shows, comic books and video games. Each figure stands 3¾” tall and features a head-turning design that captures the character’s distinct appearance. The figures also have various accessories to add depth and detail to your collection. With hundreds of figures to choose from, you can explore characters from all sorts of worlds in extraordinary detail!

Q2: How large is the Home Alone Funko Pop collection?

Answer: The Home Alone Funko Pop collection includes seven unique vinyl figures that capture lovable Kevin McCallister (Macaulay Culkin) in all his manic mischief-making glory! Also featured are Marv Merchants (Daniel Stern), Harry Lime (Joe Pesci), Kate McCallister (Catherine O’Hara) and more even Wet Bandits variants. From thwarting burglars to setting traps these highly detailed figures make an excellent addition to any fan’s movie memorabilia collection.

Q3: Is there an exclusive Home Alone Funko Pop figure?

Answer: Yes, there is indeed an exclusive Home Alone Funko Pop figure exclusive to Target stores called “Mop Attack” Kevin! This flocked variant features little Kevin wielding his trusty mop alongside a menacing look – perfect for bringing some holiday cheer to your shelves! Keep an eye out for this one – it’s sure to be a collector’s favorite.

Q4: What does ‘flocked’ mean with regards to Funko Pops? Answer: Flocked refers to the fuzzy texturing that can be found on select new or older Funko Pops, giving them a unique soft feel like plush toys or teddy bears! These special edition pieces give even more stylized looks for some memorable characters that pop off the shelves wherever you display them.

Top 5 Facts about Home Alone Funko Pops

Home Alone is an iconic and classic Christmas movie, so it’s no surprise that it has been commemorated on some of the most popular collectibles ever: Funko Pops! If you are looking to add a little fun to your Home Alone collection, look no further than these five fascinating Funko Pop facts about Home Alone.

1. The Very First Two Home Alone Funko Pops – Kevin McCallister and a Wet Bandit! – The first two Home Alone figures released by Funko were Kevin McCallister (#363) and Harry Lime (#364), one half of the infamous Wet Bandits. These figures show the two characters in their classic poses from the iconic scene where they encounter each other in Kevin’s house. Fans will be able to recreate this memorable moment between these two foes with the exact details provided by these perfectly sculpted collectibles.

2. An Expanded Collection – There is now an expanded line of Home Alone Pops which includes Buzz McCallister (#367), Marv Merchants (#368) (the other half of the infamous Wet Bandits), Old Man Marley #369, and Catherine O’Hara as Mrs. McCallister (#370). These figures complete a full cast replica set perfect for any fan’s shelf!

3. When Order Matters – Be sure to note that there is an order difference between versions 1 and 2 of some collections; specifically those involving Old Man Marley and Buzz McCallster–so be sure check out the Second Edition when collecting your set if you want to make sure everything comes together just right!

4. Smaller Bundles For Bigger Impact – While individual figures have always been available through pop culture outlets, collectors can also opt to purchase smaller bundles which include multiple figures at once–perfect for budget-minded fans or those who want their entire troop all together delivered faster rather waiting for each single figure shipment being bought separately over time; besides convenience, many bundle buyers appreciate getting higher discount rates due them buying more items at once rather than as singularly separate purchases–which can help in tailoring your own custom collection within larger bundle buys!

5 New Variants Coming Soon – As if having a full line wasn’t enough, 2018 brings brand new variants for fans to get excited about: Crazy Cousin Ned ,Tarantula Van , Pizza Truck Micro Playset – just keep an eye out on Funko Pop sites and stores near you if you find yourself craving more variety from this fabulous franchise!

Best Practices for Storing and Displaying Home Alone Funko Pops

Funko POPs are collectible vinyl figures that have become a popular phenomenon amongst fans of all ages. As their popularity grows, it’s important to consider the best ways to store and display your Funko Pops at home. Here’s a look at the top 5 best practices for housing your Funko Pop collection:

1) Proper Storage – Select adequate storage containers or cabinet shelving with plenty of space between items. This will help prevent dust and odors from building up as well as helping to keep any knocks and bumps to a minimum. For larger Funko POP collections, keep your pieces in original boxes or labeled plastic bags inside a sturdy box.

2) Light Placement – Displaying your Funko POP figures in direct sunlight may cause them to fade over time so be sure to place in spots away from windowsills and other sources of direct light exposure. Swap out brighter overhead lights for softer display lighting when possible, such as reading lamps or table side lamps with low watt bulbs. This will help protect your figures while creating a dimmer atmosphere that brings out their details even more!

3) Environmentally Friendly- Making sure you select an environment safe option when storing and displaying your POPS is key! You’ll want somewhere free of humidity, smoke, dust or strong fragrances as these can negatively impact them over time. If an area like this isn’t available store them within containers/boxes instead!

4) Temperature Control – Temperature control becomes especially important if storing large numbers of figures together, as constant exposure at high temperatures can cause fading or warping over time. Aim for moderate temperatures ideally by placing the cabinets away from any heaters or AC units nearby — maintaining cooler temperatures throughout winter helps too!

5) Cleanliness Matters – Cleaning off any dust residue regularly helps to keep your POPS looking nice and increases their longevity significantly — use lightly dampened microfiber towels alongside compressed air duster cans where appropriate (e.g., hard-to-reach nooks). Finally, be mindful not to move things around too often – can make all the difference!

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