Adding Chills to Your Collection: A Guide to the Best Horror Funko Pops!

Adding Chills to Your Collection: A Guide to the Best Horror Funko Pops! 2018

Introduction to Collecting Horror Funko Pops

Collecting Horror Funko Pops can be a great way to add a touch of creepiness and horror to your desk or shelf. A Funko Pop is a vinyl toy based on character popular in movies, television, music, books, videogames and comic books. Collecting horror-themed Funko Pops can be an enjoyable activity for any fan of the horror genre. Whether it’s for displaying at home or adding to your personal collection, these unique figures make an eye-catching addition to any space.

Horror Funko Pops come in all shapes and sizes. From zombies and vampires to alien invaders and cultists, there is something for every type of collector. For those who enjoy their classic monster stories, Universal Monsters like Frankenstein’s Monster and The Mummy are available as new releases from this line of collectibles. For fans of modern horror films and television shows such as Stranger Things or IT Chapter Two there are also characters from these beloved tales available too! Additionally fans like collect spooky yet mischievous Pop figures like Beetlejuice and Freddy Krueger to display alongside more serious villains such as Michael Myers from Halloween or Pennywise from IT.

When looking for the perfect addition to your collection you should also explore rarer exclusive items – be they chase variants with added bonus features such as flocking (fuzzy raised areas) – metallic colors or other custom one-offs that were made specifically for conventions etc… These exclusives can command higher prices due to their rarity but will certainly stand out on any horror lover’s shelf!

To ensure your collection grows at a steady pace – it pays remember to look out for announcements about upcoming Pop releases throughout the year via blogs and social media accounts which will give you ample time plan ahead which ones you want add into your own personal hoard! Once you have decided on what specific pieces you’re interested in buying then it is time look at where best acquire them from – online stores through auction sites are always good options however checking out local venues such comic shops help further narrow down potential places where those hard find bits might still exist even if only once off basis..

How to Choose the Right Horror Funko Pop for You

When it comes to horror movies and merchandise, there is no shortage of one particular item: Funko Pops! From the macabre to the outrageous, these unique vinyl figures offer a wide array of different options for your collection. But while they may look cute at first glance (and they are!), it’s important to choose wisely when picking out a Funko Pop that’s right for you. Here are some sure-fire tips on how to pick out the perfect horror Funko Pop for you!

Do Your Research: It may seem simple enough, but knowing what’s out there and who owns which licenses can get confusing fast. So take some time to get familiar with all of the various horror titles available and their associated licenses. For instance, Universal Pictures has the license for various classic monsters like Frankenstein and The Wolf Man; meanwhile, Blumhouse has exclusive rights to Halloween films such as Halloween II (1981) and Halloween (2018). Once you know which companies own which properties, it will be easier to narrow down what you want.

Seek Quality Construction: Another key in choosing a great horror Funko Pop is paying attention to their construction quality. Small details like paint stains or misalignment can ruin an otherwise perfect collectible experience; so always look closely at any new additions before taking them home. If possible, try shopping in person where you can physically inspect the constructions of your chosen piece. Most stores have clear return policies that allow shoppers ample opportunities for inspection before buying – so make sure you don’t skimp on this step!

Asymmetric Pose Matters: A fun addition when picking out any type of figure is looking at its asymmetric design; where different parts line up along different angles from each other – creating unique poses and certain dynamics within each figure’s overall character. Think about how much that aspect matters when creating an impressive display piece or partaking in acts such as cosplay or video editing – something definitely worth considering when selecting your Funko Pop choice!

Know Your Threshold of Scary: Finally – but certainly not least importantly – consider your threshold when purchasing horror figurines or memorabilia altogether. Major companies are starting to respond with new innovative glows-in-the-dark lines that lend themselves towards milder frights compared to traditional sets of fingerless sold separately; thus presenting clever tactics retailers use in order increase sales demographics through the range of parentally appropriate designs housed underneath their umbrella offerings — making now probably one best times ever shop both safely and confidently!

After all said done — go ahead pick one… just remember take opportunity experiment little bit see just how far creatures night come satisfy your spooky collecting needs anywhere anytime!

Identifying Quality Brands and Scaring Details

Identifying quality brands can be a complicated task, but it is an important one. With so many brands out there, it can be hard to differentiate between them and tell which ones deliver good value and quality goods and services. When shopping for anything–whether it’s food, clothes or cars–it pays to know how to identify a quality brand in order to get the most bang for your buck.

The first step in identifying a quality brand is researching the company that produces the product or service you’re interested in. Read user reviews and try to get as much information about the producer as possible. The more you know about their background, reputation, track record and other such details–the better positioned you are to make an informed decision when comparing products offered by different companies. Go beyond just looking at star ratings; read into customer experiences with that particular brand so that you have a holistic understanding of what they offer.

Second, look into industry certification marks/ standards that apply to the product or service you are considering purchasing from a specific company: If a company adheres to certain industry-standard certifications (such as fair trade or sustainable sourcing), then this denotes high levels of both quality control and ethical practices within their production process. Take advantage of these industry accreditations and rating systems (like Fair Trade International) so that you know exactly what kind of products you’re buying from companies adhering to these standards and protocols.

Thirdly, try sampling the product before making any long-term investments or committing yourself entirely – You can do this at retail stores or go online for samples/ trial versions of products if available! Not only will this allow you to test out your selection without risking too much money (or time!) but also give you firsthand experience using various competitors’ offerings side by side – A great way to really figure out which one stands ahead of all the rest when it comes down performance during everyday use! Additionally – always check consumer return policies carefully prior purchasing any product – A refund policy reflecting trustworthiness is always another surefire sign that someone has gone above and beyond fulfilling consumer confidence requirements relative market-leading manufacturers & retailers tend seek after striving solidify respective reputations legitimacy too…

At lastly – prices often times indicate level & degree level in deliberating potential value proposition(s) across spectrum offerings & range assortment stock options varying outlets store shelves may well carry – Review price tag(s) compare competition spot sale discounts taking advantage loeest priced may outwardly courser higher returns bottomline fiscal fiscal management dealings will ultimately point direction durable product costeffective solution meet needs budget constraints already set forth therein mind… Quality standards prices often correlate respective grade underlying classic supply/demand tariff rates generally correlative uptrend change flex keeping adjusted trends market given timeframe established review!!!

Step by Step Guide to Collecting Horror Funko Pops

Do the worlds of horror and Funko Pops collide? Absolutely! There’s a thriving market amongst fans of Horror films, comics, books, and games—all united by a single purpose: collecting unique and limited edition Horror Funko Pop figures. This guide will help you foray into the world of these supernatural collectibles so you can start adding to your evergrowing spooky collection.

Step 1: Do Your Research

Before you dive in headfirst to collecting Funko Pops that feature horror characters, it’s best to do some research first! Visit thrift stores or flea markets for any rare finds. If there are no physical copies around-visit your local comic book store or check out online sites like eBay or Etsy where you can find an abundance of options from vintage figures from decades past. It’s also important to stay up-to-date on which companies hold popular licenses like franchises such as AMC’s The Walking Dead, Universal Monsters movies, Stephen King novels and Halloween films are all great sources for horror-themed Funko Pops. Once you have uncovered your desired brand of Horror Funkos (or general Horrors) then it’s time to move onto step 2.

Step 2: Start Collecting

There are two ways to purchase the latest in Horror Funko Pops; boxes or individual figures. Which way is best? It all depends on how much money is in your budget! Boxes usually come with multiple characters at not only discounted prices but also exclusive ones not available at many retailers. They are great for getting your hands on existing favorites as well as brand new villains/heroes alike all at once! However if money isn’t an issue –individual purchases always guarantee that one lovingly cared after figure that stands sky high among the rest–costing a bit more but obtaining lots more character power along the way.

Step 3: Take Care Of Your Collection

Once deciding what route suits you best (boxes or individual), it’s time for the scariest part of this journey– preserving them! Taking care of your Horror Pops is essential if you want them looking spooky and presentable long into their life span scare off any potential trade buyers later down the line! To keep dust away, place each figure in individual ziplock bags when storing them away together unless they fit inside their original box snugly then go ahead and keep those untouched until taken out for display purposes only ! Make sure each bagged figure stays separated from its friends and piled loosely atop one another to protect limbs from breakage during movement/transportation/storage , last but certainly not least keeping them away from direct sunlight is recommended since fading colors makes these gems look anything but sharp on display shelves.

Step 4: Join A Club & Stay Connected

Have fun with this hobby? Connect with other collectors by joining forums online where discussions ensue regarding “hot topic” pieces , show off personal collections, get advice on value increases over time due market saturation / rare exclusives etc., while networking fosters strong relationships throughout this special community–making real world meet ups entirely possible too (later)! Get connected online today–theres no shortage of helpful folks willing share knowledge recommendations tipsetc.. so find someone reliable hop aboard upon this unyielding passion train !! As passoms abound within these neverending streets it’ll be impossible stay scared for long~

By following these five steps closely –you should now have everything necessary collect unlike any other Horror Pop assortment around! Find valuable figures through research (even buy rare prototypes!) +put caution when storing items safely+ socially connect with others admirers -they can assist during difficult times hunting specific pops become nearly impossible own Thus wish happy hunting fellow follower funkoholics wherever may roam !

Frequently Asked Questions About Collecting Horror Funko Pops

What are Horror Funko Pops?

Horror Funko Pops are a type of collectible figure from the globally popular Funko Pop! Vinyl toy line. The figures depict iconic horror movie characters, such as Marilyn Monroe and Freddy Krueger, and range in size from pocket-sized to life-size. Popular horror franchises featured on these toys include horror classics like Friday the 13th, A Nightmare On Elm Street, and even modern slasher movies like Get Out.

What makes them special?

These fun and spooky figures capture the essence of their respective characters with oversized heads and stylized features reminiscent of vintage cartoons. Whether recreating a classic image or simply displaying them around your home, they can add an eerie touch to any room while still being fun to collect. With over 100 styles available, fans of horror from all generations have endless chances to inhabit their favorite monster’s world!

Where do I find Horror Funko Pops?

Horror Funko Pops can be purchased online at sites like Amazon, Target, Walmart, Gamestop and eBay as well as in many specialty stores across the United States. Many larger retailers have started to carry exclusive designs; for example, Hot Topic recently released a line of signed autographs by some of the most iconic names in Hollywood history. While it may take some searching for rarer editions or signed releases, it’s easy enough for anyone to acquire one – or several – depending on how much you’re willing to spend!

How much do they cost?

Most Horror Funko Pops range between $9 – $20 USD but prices can vary depending on where you purchase them as well as any recent sales or discounts applied by retailers. Some rare limited editions can cost hundreds – if not thousands – making these figures highly sought after by collectors worldwide! Be sure to keep an eye out for any reissues or variants of already existing designs before considering a purchase though!

Is there anything else important I need to know about collecting Horror Funko Pops?

Aside from knowing when and where you want your figured will arrive safe and sound during shipment is key when purchasing online: confirm that your retailer has secure shipping methods in place before entering any payment details. Additionally make sure that you cross reference multiple sources if possible whenever attempting to buy a particularly valuable Horror Pop: research past auction results and feedback listings so that you know exactly how much it should cost beforehand in order not end up overpaying! Finally don’t forget: collecting should always be enjoyable so make an effort find ways tailor your collection according your personal tastes – no two enthusiasts collection will ever look exactly alike!

Top 5 Facts About Collecting Horror Funko Pops

Funko Pop figures are a beloved collectible for horror fans everywhere. They’re perfect for showing off your favorite characters from the silver screen, and they look great displayed on shelves and in cases. But did you know that there’s more to these adorable figurines than meets the eye? Here are five facts about collecting horror Funko Pops that may surprise you:

1. Limited Edition Figures: A number of special edition Funko Pop figures have been created over the years, and their availability is limited to certain retailers or events (like San Diego Comic-Con). These unique pieces often feature a character with an alternate or exclusive color scheme or sometimes a completely new design. Due to their exclusivity, they can be quite valuable and greatly sought after by collectors.

2. Glow-in-the-Dark Collectibles: Some Funko Pop figures come with a cool extra feature – they glow in the dark! Many horror movie monsters like Freddy Krueger, Jigsaw and Pinhead have been given this treatment, making them noticeably creepier when all the lights are off. Other glow figures include Leatherface from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Elvira Mistress of the Dark and even Slimer from Ghostbusters!

3. Flame Orange Pennywise: In 2018, the release of Stephen King’s IT put Pennywise squarely onto many collector’s wish lists — particularly some hardcore fans who wanted one very specific figure: an ‘80s style flame orange Pennywise! Originally released as Stan Lee’s Netflix show EXCLUSIV OCEANS 8 Eleven Promotional Giveaway Figure, those lucky enough to get their hands on one now own a true collectible rarity!

4. Autographed Pieces: If you really want to take your collection up a notch, autographed pieces are available for select horror characters — although autographs may not display well on tiny figurines! Various different levels of authenticity exist depending on how trusted/official/recognized each particular company is – so always do thorough research before investing your money in such items.

5. Holographic Variants: Finally we come to rarest type of Funko Pop – holographic variants! Found mainly in theme parks like Universal Studio Hollywood’s Horror Nights event (ESPECIALLY), these incredibly rare figurines offer highly detailed looks at various horror movie characters – including classic villains like Freddy Krueger and Michael Myers – captured in shiny holographic foil vinyl material capturing all angles beautifully under light forms they become cross dimensional works of art worthy any house becoming key parts of collections that will likely BLOW YOUR MIND!!!

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