A Beginners Guide to Collecting Your First Funko Pop!

A Beginners Guide to Collecting Your First Funko Pop! 2019

How the First Funko Pop Came to Be: Exploring the Origins

Funko Pop! vinyl figures, those chibi-style collectibles with the big heads and squeaky cuteness, weren’t an immediate success when they first hit shelves in the mid-2000s. They had a slow start that gradually led to their iconic status today as one of the most coveted collector’s items around. But what was the story behind Funko Pop!’s humble beginnings? How did this loveable little figure come to life in the first place? Here we explore the origins of Funko Pop! figures and how they came to be one of the biggest merchandising phenomena around.

Back in 1998, Washington State native Mike Becker founded large SkyDancer Productions, Inc., a small toy distributor which sold novelty items such as bobbleheads and action figures for entertainment properties like MTV, Nintendo, and Universal Studios. During this time, Mike became aware of another toy genre called Japanese Chibis — a style which emphasized exaggerated features to give characters an exaggeratedly cute appearance. After seeing these ultra-adorable figures come out of Japan’s Toy Fair that year he knew that he wanted to make something just like them… but bigger and brighter than ever before.

It wasn’t until 2005 when his partner Jack Matteucci brought back a prototype (codenamed “Big Eyes”) from China based off of a demo sketch done in 2004 where it all started coming together—the idea was to take oversize head and eyes along with bulging limbs characteristic of Chibis but also accentuate 3D qualities previously seen only on bobbleheads; plus using another process called rotocast given bulky bodies without being too fragile or too hard on retail price points.

Mike & Jack originally released their product in 2005 under “Wacky Wobblers” — at first passing through traditional adult demographic who wouldn’t want any Chibified version yet purchases were few & far between so change was needed if SkyWalker wanted stay afloat into new decade…orworse – go under business because afterall company barely survived late 1990s dot-com bubble burst . After some brainstorming session name “Pop” was finally proposed by Dave Edlund employee promote leap imagination = expending beyond whom already faithful customers 2 reach much larger audience children & excited Toy Collector fans worldwide.

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Its Rise and Influence on Pop Culture: Its Impact Over Time

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FAQs About the First Funko Pop: Commonly Asked Questions

Q: What is Funko Pop?

A: Funko Pop is a series of 3.75 inch collectible vinyl figures produced by the company Funko. The first Funko Pop figure was released in 2010, bringing to life popular characters from TV, movies, books and comics in adorable stylized forms that are instantly recognizable and unique to the line. Since its launch, the franchise has expanded to include thousands of different figures ranging from your favorite superheroes to cult-classic television characters like Stranger Things’ Eleven. Each figure comes complete with its own unique style, making them perfect for collecting and displaying as a part of any pop culture fan’s home decor or office space.

Q: Who produces Funko Pop?

A: As previously mentioned, all Funko Pop figures are made by the company Funko based out of Everett WA. The company was founded in 1988 and since then has become well-known for their highly collectible items including Pops! For more information about this amazing brand visit www.funkopop.com today!

Q: How big are Funko Pop figures?

A: All Funko Pop figures stand 3 ¾ inches tall and have 5 points of articulation at the neck, shoulders and hips. These small but detailed figurines make great additions to any desk or shelf due to their adorable size and soft construction materials that won’t be too bulky or heavy to display out on show at home or work!

Q: What is the first ever produced Funko Pop figure?

A: The first ever released figure was an Iron Man variant featuring Tony Stark wearing an arc reactor on his chest, based off of Marvel Movieverse costume designs back in 2010. This iconic figure can still be found today as a part of larger collections such as The Avengers Bundle Collection Boxes set which includes over 13 other characters too!

Step by Step Guide to Collecting: Strategies for Beginners

Collecting is a wonderful hobby! You can collect almost anything; books, coins, stamps, art, figurines and more. With so many options to choose from, it’s easy to get overwhelmed before you even start. To help keep your collecting on track and ensure that you get the most satisfaction out of the process, here’s a handy guide for beginners:

Step 1: Know Your Hobby – Before getting charged up about what you’re going to collect and where you’re going to find it, do some research. We believe we are fine researchers capable of self-study and discovery that doesn’t need professional help? Understand the hobby fully. Does it require expertise? Are there any potential financial risks or limitations? Make sure that what you are interested in collecting fits within your budget and lifestyle.

Step 2: Set a Budget – As with any type of investment or purchase, have a fixed budget in mind when beginning your collection. Establish limits by setting stop-limits on the amount of money you will spend. This will prevent buying items impulsively at prices beyond what is comfortable for you financially. Properly calculating expenses ahead of time allows room in the budget for unexpected surprises found while seeking treasures!

Step 3: Guru Research – Each type of collecting has its own market fluctuations based on availability and demand as well as price points specific to each item/market niche subset (i.e., brand labels or year products were made). Keeping up with market trends helps give insight into which items could be considered investments in their value over time if maintained correctly—something great for those looking at their collection as an asset versus solely something fun to enjoy .Leverage online resources such as social media groups & experts who specialise in your collecting niche for information about current market conditions.. Old school personal connections can also be just as helpful—get out there , attend shows , talk with dealers & experienced collectors for tips & support too !

Step 4: Choose Wisely – When starting out it’s easy to become ensnared by amazing pieces even if they don’t fit exactly within your plan . Everyone loves shiny objects! Determine why exactly certain pieces grab attention & create collections based on that motivation − whether they align with personal tastes or historical significance , or represent possible gains because they could appreciate in value over time ; consider all factors prior to committing expenses than regretting down road !

That should set any beginner collector on their way! Remember — collecting is a hobby — have fun but also have goals related purchases towards achieving impressive artful sets !

Top 5 Facts about the First Funko Pop and Its Impact on Pop Culture

Funko Pop figurines are some of the most iconic and beloved pieces of merchandise on the market, which were first created in 1998 by sculptor Mike Becker. The little vinyl figures quickly became popular amongst collectors, and their unique design made them stand out from other figure lines. Funko Pops now cover just about any franchise you could think of, from films to games, but it all started with a little purple figure named Ollie. To celebrate these iconic pieces of memorabilia that have shaped pop culture over the years, here are the top five facts about the very first Funko Pop and its ongoing impact:

1. The First Funko Pop Figurine was Created for a Special Occasion

Mike Becker created the very first Funko Pop (Ollie) for his girlfriend’s birthday in 1998. Such an incredibly thoughtful gift has resulted in one of today’s best-selling merchandise lines! It goes to show that it only takes one person to make an idea come alive and have a lasting effect on popular culture.

2. The Unique Design Achieved Great Success in 2003

In 2003 Mike Becker moved away from traditional action figures and introduced his three-dimensional designs to the public – this included Grumpy Cat, Big Boy and Dobby. His unique design style gained him popularity amongst fans due to its originality compared to other toy lines at the time, leading him to receive investment – something he had been searching for since 1998 after putting his prototypes away in a drawer! This success also enabled him to expand his range beyond what we know today as ‘Funko Pops.’

3. “Popfinity” was Born – Collect Them All!

After gaining significant momentum throughout 2003 , ‘Popfinity’was born as Funko’s core concept; creating stylised versions of your favourite characters…and trying your best to collect them all! Nowadays there’s even a whole community dedicated specifically towards Pop collecting called “the funatic squad” where people challenge themselves and each like every month by trading or buying limited edition pops online!

4. There is No End for Collectors – New Characters are Constantly Released Every Year Since their release back in 1998 until today, Funko Pops keep expanding their collection with beloved characters from different franchises & worlds spanning multiple generations such as Star Wars, Disney Films, Marvel comics & more!. Additionally new characters are regularly released every month through various limited edition collections far example- Avengers Assemble 90th Anniversary Set containing 30 separate figures released exclusively at SDCC 2019 (San Diego Comic-Con).

5.. Global Impact – Local Presence! Since its inception 20 years ago alongside ongoing reimaginings, “Funkos” have achieved international success being found literally around corner shop dressed up at London markets or specialised shops like Forbidden Planet across famous capitals such as Tokyo & Londonderry – no matter how far they travel they’ll always be true reflections of modern pop culture providing whimsical characteristics & melting hearts of many generations making them must haves within respective geek cultures !!

Final Thoughts: A Reflection on Its Ongoing Legacy

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As this project enters its twilight days, it makes me reflect on its legacy – what have we truly accomplished? We wanted this blog series to become more than just a string of interviews; we wanted the audience to cultivate meaningful connections with the people behind each story in order to gain further understanding of our ever-changing world. Though this legacy won’t be proven for many years still, if I were able take away one thing from our “Final Thought” venture it would be this simple notion: Reach out to others and soak up the knowledge they are willing to share with you; in turn you yourself might inspire self-reflextion in them through your story as well! And that is really a testament not only towards storytelling but also towards building bridges between communities – something I believe should continue long after this series draws its much needed closure.

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