7 Festive Christmas Funko Pops to Brighten Up Your Holiday Decor

7 Festive Christmas Funko Pops to Brighten Up Your Holiday Decor 2017

Introduction to Christmas Funko Pops: What Are They and How Do You Get Them?

Funko Pops are one of the most beloved collectibles in today’s pop culture world. With characters from Disney, Marvel, DC and many other properties available to own, they are becoming a staple collectible item in households worldwide. But when winter rolls around each year, there is always a new wave of exclusive Christmas themed Funko Pops that provide an extra special addition to your collection.

So what are Christmas Funko Pop figures and how do you obtain them? For starters, these festive pops usually feature iconic characters wearing Santa hats or re-designed with red and green colors for the season! Some popular pieces include Winnie the Pooh dressed in a festive scarf as well as Batman carrying around a bag of presents. These unique designs make them stand out as eye-catching and exciting additions to any Funko Pop collection.

Since they are limited edition releases, getting your hands on a set can be tricky! Fortunately, online retailers such as Amazon have plenty of options available – however they will often sell out quickly due to their popularity. Another option is the blind box format which can often be purchased at local comic book stores or through websites such as Entertainment Earth where you never know which figure you will get until it’s opened!

Remember there may also be convention exclusives popping up during the holiday season like those offered by Hot Topic or Box Lunch so it’s always worth keeping an eye open for them at events like Comic Con too. You may even find some hidden gems from independent vendors who produce custom one-of-a kind exclusives – giving fans a chance to add even more variety & uniqueness to their collections!

Christmas Funko Pops provide fans with fun & unique editions that help spruce up those winter months . Whether you’re looking for classic Disney favorites or simply want something special for yourself – these decorations will definitely make your holiday season brighter (& more colorful!). So grab your eggnog and let’s start adding these amazing Festive Funkos before they’re all gone!

Unboxing the Top 10 Christmas Funko Pops of 2020

Christmas is the season of giving and this year, there is no better gift than a Funko Pop! From holiday favorites like Santa Claus or Frosty the Snowman to a variety of movie characters and superheroes, there are hundreds of new figures to choose from. But picking out just one can be difficult. That’s why we’ve put together this list of the top 10 Christmas Funko Pops for 2020. Whether you’re shopping for yourself or for your favorite collector, these figures are sure to please!

Starting off at number 10, we have The Grinch Pop. This green grouch looks absolutely delightful in his signature fuzzy robe and Santa hat. He might be scowling but with how cute he looks, it’s impossible to resist giving him a big ol’ hug (seriously – don’t try it!). The Grinch Pop also comes with a sleigh full of toys he stole from Whoville – making it an even better gift!

At number 9, Krampus makes his way into our list as the terrifying antlered creature who visits naughty children during the holidays. If you’ve seen 2015’s horror movie Krampus then you know how frighteningly accurate this figure looks! Don’t worry- it doesn’t spawn any evil forces in real life (hopefully).

For number 8 we have none other than Harry Potter himself decked out in festive Yule Ball garb. He stands roughly 4 inches tall wearing his formal robes and holding onto Ginny Weasley’s hand as if they were dancing at Hogwarts ball itself! Magic fans will love having one (or all!) of these wonderful figures on their mantlepiece come December 25th.

Coming in at number 7 is everyone’s favorite Christmas elf: Buddy The Elf! This plastic rendition captures all the charm that made Will Ferrell’s portrayal so iconic; down to Buddy’s cheery smile and festive outfit that screams “Santa’s Workshop.” With its adorable pose and vibrant colors, Buddy The Elf Funko Pop will definitely be a hit this holiday season.

Inching closer to our top spot at number 6 is Jack Skellington as Santa Claus; taken straight from Tim Burton’s classic stop-motion movie The Nightmare Before Christmas. Standing over 6 inches tall with bright colors bursting out against black cloaks intertwined with holly leaves – this figure truly captures Jack’s magical transformation perfectly. Perfect for fans of Burton films looking for something special under the tree this year? Look no further than Jack Skellington dressed up as Sandy Claws!

To round off our first half of our countdown is none other than Elsa from Frozen 2 adorning her traditional winter clothing complete with seasonal accessories like evergreen wreaths around her hands and boots alike – plus a pair of snowflakes tucked behind each ear. This piece showcases some magnificent attention to detail that the original film was known for doing so well – yet manages to bring them into three dimensions using Funko’s signature style in breathtaking fashion too boot (har har).

At number 5 we encountered Olaf as “Sven Szmore Claus”; inspired by Disney short Frozen: Olaf’s Frozen Adventure released alongside Coco back in 2017 – plus 2019 saw idyllic jump startplushineldown exclusive find reissued featuring new pajama look instead original sweater one both sport delicious punny names like “Let It Saimé” & “Away In A Manager”. Sweet bundle joy either perfect holiday aesthetickses both young old alike those cannot resist dozy face embracing seasonal cheer jolly little snowman bringing cheer everywhere goesest…absolutely adorable!

Jumping up into fourth place now we see another addition coming straight off screen courtesy cult classic beloved 80s masterpiece Gremlins who gets own entry here take form menacing yet somehow lovely Mogwai attachment collectible figurine based character Stripe messing havoc Billy go around City Kingston Falls brandishing nasty looking watering can left holding chain leash ostensibly keep him line hence neater format sans potential sale screaming spilling contents public parks during walks best buddies maybe not cutest rank list but suits its viewers weird wants whims throughout long running franchise théme still popular today worldwide popularity speaks volume rest!.

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A Closer Look at Each Pop: Features and Highlights

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Step-by-Step Guide to Collecting Christmas Funko Pops

Looking to start a collection of Christmas Funko Pops? It can be overwhelming if you don’t know what you’re doing, but once you get the hang of it, it’s easy and super fun. Here’s our step-by-step guide to help get started on your own collection.

Step 1: Pick Your Theme

First things first, decide which type of Ultimate Christmas Funko Pops you want to collect. Do you only want Santa Funkos? Or maybe just classic holiday icons like Frosty or Rudolph? Narrowing down your theme is key for building an attractive and cohesive collection.

Step 2: Research Prices

Once you’ve chosen your theme for your Christmas Funko Pop collection, do some research into prices. Stores like Amazon or even online auction sites like eBay are great resources here—you’ll be able to find out which pops are more rare or expensive so that you can prepare accordingly and have appropriate expectations when starting this venture.

Step 3: Start Shopping Around

Oftentimes when collecting things, finding one coveted item can lead straight to the rest–such as a particularly hard to find Christmas Funko Pop icon will lead you towards others with relative ease since they’ll likely be in the same genre. Use the knowledge acquired during your price research phase and shop around various stores such as Target, Hot Topic or any other specialty vinyl collectible stores in your area (bonus points if any sales are going on). Whenever possible order online for added convenience!

Step 4: Protect Your Pops!

Once all of the fun shopping has been done for your new pops it’s important that you protect them from damage, dust and sunlight (which might cause their delicate paint jobs to fade over time). Consider investing in acid free cellophane sleeves and keep them stored upright in clear containers alongside similar items from the same series (say goodbye forever to those dusty box corners!).

Step 5: Get Ready To Decorate!

The exciting part – now that everything has been carefully stored away all ready to show off – is whipping up lots of festive decorations around them! Have fun taking frames filled with photos of friends and/or family created specifically with holiday themes as an homage to all sorts of amazing art forms including watercolor paintings, pop culture fan-art comics, decoupage etc… If there wasn’t enough motivation before this step then surely there is now – enjoy yourself!

And voila – with these five steps followed carefully from start until finish – we now have a very special winter cache filled collector’s corner stocked proudly with lovely Ultimate Christmas Funko Pops set up immaculately inside our home all ready for many happy holidays ahead full with family, friends & festivity!

FAQ About Christmas Funko Pops

What is a Christmas Funko Pop?

A Christmas Funko Pop is a type of collectible figurine produced by the company Funko, based on popular culture icons from movies, TV shows, video games and other popular media. They are usually highly detailed renditions of characters, often with oversized heads and smaller bodies. The holiday-themed versions feature festive attire and decorations to celebrate the season and make them perfect for gift giving or just enjoying yourself.

Top 5 Facts About Collecting Christmas Funko Pops

1. Funko Pops are perfect for anyChristmas collection as they come in a variety of characters and styles. Whether you’re looking for classic holiday themes, unique designs, or just a fun figurine to add a festive element to your collection, there is sure to be something special for everyone this season.

2. With the vast range of available products, collectors can customize their collectibles even further by purchasing multiple variations and personalities of the same character. Getting two different versionsbof Frosty the Snowman and comparing them to each other can create an interesting conversation piece over the holidays!

3. Collecting Christmas Funko Pops takes dedication – it’s easy to become overwhelmed by all the choices available online and in stores near you during this time of year. Sticking with one character or theme throughout your collecting journey will help keep focus and also add some elements of storytelling into your display as well!

4. Experienced collectors have found success working backwards when acquiring their Christmas pops – start with a particular color scheme or series such as “Silver Bells” or “Frozen Holiday” before selecting individual characters. Choosing which pieces you want to feature in your display first allows you to tailor your selection process while still challenging yourself to discover new items along the way!

5. New additions to Christmas Pop collections often come out every year making them highly sought-after among fans, so what better time is there than now to get ahead in preparation for upcoming holiday releases? Shopping early (well before December) will ensure that you capture all those enchanting details no matter how many hours after midnight it might be on everyone’s favorite night of Christmas Eve anticipation!

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