5 Tips to Keep Your Funko Pop Collection Safe and Secure with Protectors

5 Tips to Keep Your Funko Pop Collection Safe and Secure with Protectors Uncategorized

What Is a Funko Pop Protector and Why Should You Use One?

A Funko Pop Protector is a plastic casing specifically designed to display, protect, and store your collectible vinyl figures. If you have Pop figures that have been collecting dust over the years, a Funko Pop protector will keep them looking as new as when you first acquired them. It’s also great for protecting rare or special editions too, which can be very difficult to come by and quite expensive.

Funko Pop protectors come in all shapes and sizes, so you’ll find one suitable for just about any figure. From larger sizes to smaller sizes for minis or bobble heads; each type of protector has a wall thickness range of 3mm to 10mm thick offering the ultimate protection from dust, dirt, wear and tear. In addition, you can purchase customized designs such as clear protectors with smokey black edges or specially formatted cases fitted to place your Funko inside its pristine box safely while still being able to view it on display with ease.

Not only do these clever cases look cool in your collection room – they are actually very practical too! Funko Pop Protectors are made from archival grade soft polyethylene plastic which means they won’t discolor yellow overtime like many collectors worry about acrylic cases doing. The key differences between the two types of materials are that polyethylene is non-permeable meaning no air or moisture can pass through it allowing your figurines remain safe for much longer periods of time without causing damage (condensation being particularly harmful!) Additionally, us collectors know how important it is that every inch of space must count when displaying our collections! So trust me – once put in one of these beautiful beauties – you’ll hardly notice them at all!

So there we have it – if you want some serious protection (not just an ordinary dust cover!) For preserving your precious collectibles then investing into a few Funko Pop Protectors would be an ideal choice – not only will they look fabulous keeping all manner of oddities safe but also make sure your cherished figures keep their vibrant colors & mint condition for many years to come!!

Types of Funko Pop Protectors: Hard vs Soft Cases

Funko Pop Protectors add extra protection to your beloved Funko Pops. They come in two types – hard and soft cases – which both offer unique advantages for keeping your vinyl collectibles safe.

Soft Cases: Soft cases are made from lightweight plastic and provide 360-degree coverage for maximum safety. Soft cases wrap snugly around yourPops and give them a protective, cushioned barrier from scratches, dings, dust, and other forms of damage. Soft cases are also more affordable than hard cases, allowing you to protect large collections of Pops with ease. Because they’re not as bulky or rigid as hard cases, soft cases can be stored easier in tight spaces such as shelves or drawers.

Hard Cases: Hardcases are typically made out of acrylic or polycarbonate plastic making them much heavier than soft cases; so weight may be an issue if you have a large collection to store. Inspite of the added weight ,hard cases remain the preferred choice among many collectors due to their additional level ofprotection they provide compared to softcases . The thicker plastic material makes it even harder for any outside force apply damage on your Pop inside. In addition ,hardcases features integrated locking latches with locks that can secure both the lid & base for extra security against theft or accidential tipping over; On top of that some hardone offers UV-Resistant coating against sunburn fading & discoloration caused by direct sunlight exposue .

How to Measure Your Vinyl Toy for the Right Size Protector

When it comes to collecting vinyl toys, it’s important to take the right steps when measuring them in order to find their corresponding size protector. While not all vinyl toys come with protectors, they’re a great way to keep your figures safe and dust-free during display or transportation. The importance of finding the right size protector is obvious – a figure that doesn’t fit the protector can still be compromised if dust or debris makes its way into the spaces left for excess material.

In order to start out measuring correctly for your perfect protector, you’ll need a few items first:

• Ruler – It’s best to use one that is at least 6 inches long when measuring proportionately sized figures, although 8+ inches would be optimal.

• Pencil & Paper – To jot down measurements as you go along.

• Tape Measure (Optional) – A tape measure can help speed up the process for larger figures and accessories.

The next step is to gather the necessary information about each item you’re looking to measure: Length/Height/Width & Depth of each piece; whether there are any protruding details or vital pieces underneath; and anything else you might want accounted for in a plastic shell like folded flaps, plugs or other details that could potentially affect how snugly it fits inside its protective case/shell/bag. Be sure to also record circumference measurements around any especial shaped objects such as helmets masks creatures etc., this will help ensure an accurate fit around these more specialised items.

Next take actual measurements of each object by holding the ruler flush against its longest edges (from tip-to-tip). Some figues may require added depth measurement if they possess features such as wings, horns etc., protruding feet or assortments hanging off them – get creative but stay consistent in how you spend taking down information so that it remains orderly on paper and easily replicated upon arrival of your toy packaging materials supplier!

Once all measurements have been noted down consult a sizing chart provided by most popular toy packaging companies which cater specifically towards soft-vinyl toys They will offer advice regarding what’s suitable based on a given product; remember though that ultimately it’s up to you as consumers make sure products’ dimensional confines also matches our own standards exactions desired end results – make sure whatever PPV Protector chosen meets requirements before purchase otherwise issues may arise with protection levels being lower than expected!

Measuring vinyl toys correctly can save time and money later on in addition helping keep precious collection free from scratches dents discolourations – so don’t skimp out here pay attention play close enough due diligence both now then again when receive appropriate materials start preparing them!

Choosing The Right Style of Protector For Your Collection

Protectors provide an essential layer of protection for your collectibles. From ornate frames to plastic sleeves, there’s a protector to fit every decorative style and needs. Deciding which type of protector is best for your collection can depend on purpose, item size and budget considerations.

When selecting a protector for an especially delicate or valuable art piece or vintage book, you might opt for a frame with glass panes meant to showcase the item while keeping it safe from moisture, dust and other elements. For smaller items that you prefer to display but guard against any accidental bumps, consider a beveled mat with double sided backing taped securely in place; this works great inside an already existing frame as well.

Another option is clear card protectors: they come in various sizes and thicknesses to accommodate smaller trinkets like coins and stamps up larger antiques such as furniture hardware and doorknobs. Clear card protectors are particularly useful if you need quick access to the displayed items since there’s no need to take out the item each time — just lift up the protector instead! Plus, since these are usually made of plastic or Mylar-like material which isn’t affected by moisture or temperature changes, it offers long-term reliable protection without detracting from your beloved displays.

Depending on your situation you may want something lightweight yet sturdy enough for travel purposes such as portfolios designed specifically for displaying artwork or certificates, (or anything else really!) These fabrics and closed compartments protect just about anything using padding made out of foam or bubble-filled interior pockets — great for adding cushioning protection against drops too! If a portfolio feels too bulky then maybe consider one of many styles offered by zipper shut pouches; these offer stylish Lightweight durability solutions perfect when you don’t want onlookers bumping into your collection while they look around an expo or sale event.

Ultimately whatever type of Protector You Choose comes down To Individual preference And Needs — some collections call For Sturdy Frame Like Structures While Others Need Soft Padded Protections Perfect For Live events Or travel— Consider carefully where And When You’ll Be needing It As Well As Budget considerations and Then Decide What Best Fits Your Collection’s Specific needs With Proper Protection In Mind!

Top 5 Facts About Funko Pop Protectors

1. Funko Pop Protectors are a great way to keep your collectible Vinyl Figures safe and secure.They provide an extra layer of protection against dust, dirt, scratches, and fading that can occur over time. They also come in a variety of sizes so you can choose the perfect fit for your figure.

2. Unlike other display cases or stands, Funko Pop Protectors are designed specifically for figures from the Funko Pop vinyl line. This ensures that your figures will be stored securely without unwanted movement or risk of sliding off the stand.

3. The polypropylene material used in these protectors is designed to last for several years without degradation due to environmental factors like sunlight and humidity. This makes them a great investment for those collecting multiple figures from popular franchises like Star Wars or Marvel Comics.

4. Many Funko Pop Protectors come with removable lids or tops which helps you easily access the figure inside while still protecting it from damage or dust buildup over time – something that is especially important if you buy figures but don’t display them immediately after purchase!

5. You don’t need to limit yourself to just one kind of protector when buying Funko Pops – there are plenty of aftermarket protectors made specifically to fit all kinds of different figures featuring various sizes and materials like PVC plastic or acrylic glass! So make sure to explore the options available before deciding what is best for your collection!

Frequently Asked Questions About Funko Pop Protectors

Q: What is a Funko Pop Protector?

A: A Funko Pop protector refers to the plastic cases that are made specifically to fit and protect Funko Pop figurines. Many people enjoy collecting these figurines, and many also want to keep their collection in good condition, so they invest in protecºtors for them. The cases are hard plastic with a removable lid and come in many sizes, so you can find one perfect for each size figure you own.

Q: Can I use other cases for my Funko Pop figures?

A: While there are a variety of cases out there that will work perfectly fine for your Funko Pops, using a case specifically designed for them is the best way to make sure they stay safe from wear and tear. Other cases, while they may appear similiar or have similar measurements might have slight differences that could potentially do harm to your figures if used incorrectly.

Q: How can I tell what size case I need?

A: The best way to determine the right size of case is to measure your figure with a ruler or measuring tape. There will be dimensions listed on the package of any protector if you’re buying online. Make sure you double-check that it’s exactly the same as your measurement so it fits snugly and securely around your figure.

Q: Are there any benefits of using a Funko Pop Protector?

A: Yes! Not only does using one help keep dirt and dust away from your collectible but it also shields it from very light damage such as scuffs or scratches that may come about when displaying or playing with them—especially if you get kids involved! It’s also great at protecting against ultraviolet light which can fade/alter some colors over time if exposed too much.

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