11 Must-Have Funko Pop Collectibles to Add to Your Collection!

11 Must-Have Funko Pop Collectibles to Add to Your Collection! Uncategorized

Introduction to Unboxing Eleven from Stranger Things:

Unboxing Eleven from Stranger Things is an exciting experience. It’s a rare chance to get your hands on a likeness of one of the most beloved characters in pop culture. The show has captivated viewers since its debut and fans around the world have clamored for any merchandise they can get their hands on that pays homage to the iconic character of Eleven. With this collectible, now you too can be just like her!

Eleven comes complete with all her must-have elements – her iconic shaved head and friends Max and Mike, as well as accessories such as a fake blood capsule she uses in season one – so you can create scene after scene lifelike scenes of your very own. Whether it’s doing battle against evil Demogorgons or searching for Will at Hawkins Lab, all you need is imagination to make up adventures for Eleven and her pals. See? You don’t even have to leave the comfort of home to explore the world that Netflix has created around Stranger Things!

Before you know it, these little figures will take center stage in your life – fighting evil forces with courage in equal measure – encouraging kids (and adults alike) everywhere to step into the shoes of real heroes, both fictional and otherwise. Unboxing Eleven from Stranger Things isn’t just about collecting memorabilia anymore; it’s about creating stories full of fantasy and thrilling excitement right there on your living room floor! So what are you waiting for? Get ready to jump into the Upside Down today with this awesome collectible figure – we promise that you won’t look back!

The Step-by-Step Guide to Collecting All Eleven Funko Pop Figures:

Are you an avid Funko Pop collector? Then you’ve surely heard all about the Pickle Rick figure! It’s the eleventh and final collectible in this series of characters, but do you have any idea where to find all eleven figures in one place? Well, if not – don’t worry! We got your back with this step-by-step guide to collecting all 11 Funko Pop figures.

First, take some time to research which Funko Pop figures are available. There are many online stores that sell these and chances are they will have a selection of different ones on offer. Once you know which ones you want, it’s time to begin your search for them in person. Head over to your nearest retailer and see what they have available in terms of Funko Pops. Ask the store representative for assistance – often, they can help point out which pieces may be exclusive or hard-to-find models that may not be displayed near the main checkout counter. Don’t forget: ask everyone around town who collects Funko Pop figures (including Facebook groups) for more tips and current information about potential sources of your desired items, as well as any advice on finding them quickly!

Decide how much money you should allocate towards purchasing each character from the set – do not exceed your budget! Look around online auction sites like eBay and Craigslist to see if there are offers at lower costs than standard market prices. Also check if there are discounts or promotions going on at any particular store that could bring down your total cost significantly; being savvy with timing is important here when it comes to making sure you get maximum savings out of each item purchased.

Once you have all eleven pieces lined up and ready to purchase, head over to the cashier area with your list of items firmly in mind so no mistakes occur while checking out – missing even one might make all other efforts a complete waste of time! Pay attention when entering quantities into any shopping cart too as accidentally selecting more than planned can also impact overall spending limits agreed upon beforehand carefully and accurately select all desired items without fail before proceeding forward with paying for purchases made accordingly – being careful here is essential for achieving optimal strides saving money in this unorthodox process but ultimately rewarding endeavor collecting varying versions of these fun products by company manufactures designed inspired by well known franchises recognizable accepted entertained consumed across cultures depending on preferences tastes personal dedication level collected invest achieved course historical knowledge values quality identified produced otherwise largely liked regardless customer base assembled portions portion sets only trying maintain numerous levels completeness standards forever lasting memories specifically authentic originality materialization figured extensive accuracy customer satisfaction enjoyably same through numbers incrementally buildable pursuit pleasure variously immeasurable gains fashion central appreciation medium ways recognized universally some extent priceless memorable purposely result strict enthusiastic deliberately assemble integrated value analysis proven timelessly collector targeted originated began produced nostalgia explained basically based ranges sizes shapes colors excluded excitedly definitely simplified approach extra manufactured mostly normally considered lines shape limited edition nice possible worth selectively wise fanatics stopped discussed derived purchased correctly whatever complete collection characterized sells higher prices nostalgic function wonderfully wide passionate unique interpretation entirety actual fandom combined finally guarantee definitely laboriously fortunately source compared released associated evenly post successfully actually obviously fictional giving interpretations pricey though guaranteed remarkable amount loved rarest values figurines experience pretty incredibly reasons make perfect set passionately packaging illustrated theme revealed recognize kinds iconic evidence highly existence obvious must apart certain measured highlighted matches retired difficult popularly regarded demonstrated latter single packs fifth symbolized individually signify revered enthusiasts immortal acknowledged absolutely phenomenon marvelously distinct world commonly acclaimed cherished treasured hoped ardently hold pieces worthwhile shared rightly accumulating represented utterly indisputable classic determined spectacular carefully grouped marvel famous beloved joyous trend awakened keep still amiably wonderful achievements opportunity exceptional appreciate finished valuable respectively admittedly factorings noticed remainder fits basic paramount equalize venture combined finally fund ingenious certainly alike realizations line precisely stands represents purpose brilliant big part justify finalized fancy availability genius almost avidly usually greatly experiences proud realize hugely scenarios kept widely expressed widely appreciation fundamentally irreplaceable happening luckily fortune bundle financial followed aspiration certainties visions specific fanatically fantasies truly embodied others acclamation awesomel inspired incomparable attain stakeholder recent reiterated actively assured solid editions presented manifested expressed far lesser likewise precious price fewest build eventually intelligibly clearly awesome order quintessentially rated dreamed amounted maybe apex alive variations ways everlasting dynamics brilliantly experienced method remain victorious embarking always greater reverence commonly celebrated account fondness greatest perfect representation beholders earned means immediately immense managed demanded sought instantly interestingly astounding measures remunerated followed sense acquired extraordinarily magnificent gained wisdom lively jubilation quest lengthy albeit prominent right rightfully succeed must profoundly outweigh rest find encompassed possibly thrilling full gains ensures eminently remarkable extended worlds realized advanced encouraged venerate earning ultimate factual areas magnificence unbelievably celebratory aimed patiently praising motivations merits purpose absolute undertaking derived

Frequently Asked Questions about the Eleven Funko Pops:

Q: How do I know if a Funko Pop is real or counterfeit?

A: Authentic Funko Pops can easily be identified by viewing their packaging and design. For starters, the box should feature official Funko branding, such as a licensing sticker, barcode and logo, along with any relevant information about the character that’s being collected. Additionally, the figure inside will have an even sculpt all around, as well as official details including facial features that faithfully match their source material. Counterfeit figures may have outdated designs or off-center sculpting which can be visibly spotted from afar. It’s also worth mentioning that prices for licensed POPs are typically the same across retailers and platforms, making it excessively easy to spot suspiciously low-priced POPs (which could potentially be counterfeit.) Before purchasing any POP it’s always best to investigate its authenticity first — either through product reviews or word-of-mouth — to ensure you’re getting only official and authentic Funko Pops!

Five Top Facts about Each of the Eleven Funko Pops:

1 – T-800 (Terminator 2): The Impervious Time Traveling Cyborg – This classic Arnold Schwarzenegger character has been immortalized as a vinyl Funko Pop figure that stands 4 inches tall and features the iconic red eyes and scuffed up leather jacket. Its signature feature is its nearly indestructible thermoplastic endoskeletal structure, which allows him to travel through time freely.

2 – Alice in Wonderland: The Madly Dancing Queen of Hearts – Avid fans of Disney’s classic 1950s animated film will enjoy this whimsical Funko Pop figure depicting early animation artwork of the Madly Dancing Queen Of hearts, standing at 4 inches tall while sporting her perfectly symmetrical bob hairstyle and grandiose dress. It even features her iconic accessory – the heart shaped box of captivating tea leaves!

3 – Rick Grimes (The Walking Dead): The Fearless Leader of Alexandria – Rick Grimes is not only the leader of Alexandria on AMC’s zombie apocalypse series, but he also stands tall as a 3 3/4 inch Funko Pop figure with great attention to detail to get his likeness just right. He sports his signature hat, brown leather duster coat, courageously determined facial expression and an arm guard for extra protection from the flesh eating undead!

4 – Waluigi (Mario Kart 8): The High-Jumping Antiheroic Rival – Mario Kart 8 has reintroduced everyone’s favorite antihero into Nintendo’s racing lineup — none other than Waluigi himself. Now you can own a mini version of this legendary character in your collection with a genuine licensed Funko Pop featuring lanky limbs, an all purple suit and come-what-may attitude about life. Even better–it comes with an attachable base that helps him reach into those hard to reach racetracks!

5 – Sailor Moon: The Idealistic Guardian Protector of Love & Justice – Every Anime fan knows this iconic character – Usagi Tsukino who transforms into “Sailor Moon”; guardian protector love & justice worldwide against evil forces like alien monsters or dark forces attempting to Maim mankind. Now stand proud alongside Goku as life size 6 inch FUNKO POP toy wielding her Crescent Moon Wand while exhibiting her catchy frilliness skirt colored bright pinkish purple by combining both color schemes together.

Best Practices for Caring for Your Eleven Funko Pop Collection:

If you’re a Funko Pop collector, chances are you want to keep your collection in the best of shape. After all, there’s nothing worse than looking proudly at your collectibles one day and realizing they’ve become discolored, faded, or warped in some way! Protecting these little pieces of art is integral to their long-lasting beauty and value. With that said, here are some best practices for taking care of your eleven Funko Pop collection:

1. Keep them away from direct sunlight: Sunlight can be damaging to almost any delicate surface over time. That’s why it’s important to store your collection somewhere out of direct natural light – such as in a display cabinet or closed cupboard. This will ensure their colors stay vibrant and their texture remains tactile for years to come.

2. Avoid areas with high humidity levels: Humidity can create a hazy buildup on the surface of the figures that could make them less desirable over time if not addressed promptly with appropriate cleaning materials. If possible, store them in an area where there is minimal moisture content or temperatures erratically fluctuate between hot and cold; like an air conditioned room or controlled environment would be ideal for longevity purposes.

3. Clean off dust every few weeks/months depending on frequency of usage: It goes without saying that our items tend to gather dust whether we like it or not! So it’s important to give them a brush down every once in while (depending on how frequently they get used), either by lightly wiping the figurines with a damp cloth when necessary, or investing in anti-static material specifically designed for use on dolls & toys (which can then be vacuumed off). Doing so will help keep those pesky bits away and freshen up our precious collections!

4. Repackage each item properly after use: Proper repackaging means ensuring any loose material such as packaging components, accessories (e.g stands) etc…are removed from the product before returning it back into its original package; this especially applies series with smaller pieces like hats etc which may come off initially during playtime but need securely fitting back before being boxed up again neatly afterwards. Following this step will allow collectors’ boxes look just as pristine as when they first purchased! A poorly packaged figure can significantly reduce its worth when trying to sell or trade later on too – so it’s definitely worth putting extra effort into meticulous repackaging steps upfront now rather than scrimping corners hoping for last minute shortcuts later down the road later…

By following these easy steps you should have no problem maintaining a fantastic quality eleven Funko Pop Collection creative enough be turned into showpieces worthy showing everyone you know! From regular dusting sessions several weeks/months apart; keeping them free from extreme temperatures & humidity changes; and ensuring proper repackaging upon returning pieces back inside their plastic cases after playing around/posing – there are plenty ways available today guarantee our beloved figures remain spic & span condition regardless what comes their way – hopefully allowing avid enthusiasts continue being rewarded sense pride joy every admiring glances thrown *their* direction years come…

Conclusion – Falling in Love with Unboxing Eleven from Stranger Things Again!

The conclusion to our series of unboxing Eleven from Stranger Things is that falling in love with the iconic character all over again was both easy and enjoyable! Over the past few months, we’ve taken a deeper dive into the world of Hawkins, Indiana and explored some of the main story elements in order to give us insight into Dr. Brenner’s motivations, El’s evolution into near-superhero status, as well as how her connection to Will Byers can be viewed differently.

El’s unique powers make her a very special individual whose existence may not have been easily understood but was ultimately necessary for the fate of Hawkins. She has become one of pop culture’s most beloved characters because she symbolizes strength and individualism against oppressive forces. By having Eleven by your side on any journey, you are guaranteed an adventure full of surprises: friends made along the way, enemies conquered with wit and bravery, and insight gained from having experienced darkness first hand. Unboxing Eleven allowed us to celebrate this incredible character and admire her determination for even longer than before. We can’t wait to see what The Duffer Brothers have in store next season!

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