10 Reasons Why Funko Pop 10 Inch Collectibles Are a Must-Have [Plus My Personal Story and Expert Tips]

10 Reasons Why Funko Pop 10 Inch Collectibles Are a Must-Have [Plus My Personal Story and Expert Tips] Uncategorized

Short answer: Funko Pop 10 inch refers to a series of vinyl figures made by the company Funko that stand approximately 10 inches tall. These figures are often stylized versions of pop culture icons and characters from movies, TV shows, video games, and other media.

How to Collect Funko Pop 10 Inch: A Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners

As a beginner Funko Pop collector, the thought of starting your collection can be quite daunting. With so many different figures and variations to choose from, it can be overwhelming trying to figure out where to start. But fear not! We are here to provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to collect Funko Pop 10 inch figures.

Step 1: Determine Your Collection Focus
Before diving in headfirst into collecting these adorable figurines, it’s important to determine what your collection focus will be. Will you focus on collecting figures from a particular movie or franchise? Or perhaps you prefer certain characters or genres? Whatever your preference may be, having a clear focus will help streamline your collection and make the process more manageable.

Step 2: Do Your Research
Once you’ve determined your collection focus, it’s time for some research. Take some time to familiarize yourself with the different types of Funko Pop figures available and which ones align with your collection focus. This also includes researching current market values for figures in your desired category.

Step 3: Start Your Collection
With your research complete and market values understood, the next step is to start building your collection! Start by acquiring key pieces in your desired category or working towards completing entire sets. Don’t forget about exclusives and variants – they can add fun and unique pieces to any collection.

Step 4: Display Your Collection
Now that you have started collecting, it’s time to display those shiny new additions! There are plenty of options available depending on personal preference – from displaying them on bookshelves or desk shelves, to investing in specialized cases or stands.

Step 5: Maintain & Care For Your Collection
To ensure the longevity of each figure in your collection, proper care is crucial. Avoid direct sunlight exposure as this could cause discoloration over time. Additionally, keeping them properly dusted and periodically cleaning them with gentle soap and water can help maintain their quality and value.

In conclusion, collecting Funko Pop 10 inch figures is a fun and rewarding experience. By keeping your collection focus in mind, doing your research, starting your collection with key pieces, displaying them proudly, and maintaining proper care and upkeep, you’ll have a successful Funko Pop collection in no time!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Funko Pop 10 Inch: Answered

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Funko Pop 10 Inch: Answered

In recent years, Funko Pop figurines have become increasingly popular among collectors and enthusiasts. These cute and colorful little toys come in a variety of sizes and styles, but the 10-inch varieties are some of the most sought-after.

If you’re new to the world of Funko Pops, or just curious about these larger-than-life figurines, we’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions to help you better understand them.

What are Funko Pops?

Funko Pops are vinyl figures that depict characters from various forms of pop culture including movies, TV shows, video games, comics, and more. They are characterized by their oversized heads and cute, stylized designs.

What is a 10-inch Funko Pop?

A 10-inch Funko Pop simply refers to a larger variant of the standard-sized Pop figurine. As their name suggests, they stand at roughly 10 inches tall compared to the common height of around 3-4 inches.

Are all characters available in 10-inch size?

Not every character has been produced in a 10-inch size. However, many popular characters from well-known franchises such as Marvel Comics, Star Wars and Harry Potter have received the supersized treatment.

Why do people collect Funko Pops?

People collect these figurines for many reasons – some appreciate them as works of art while others enjoy displaying them as part of their personal collections. Others may be fans of specific franchises or characters represented among the vast catalog offered by Funko Pops.

How can I buy Funko Pops and where should I look for them?

Funko Pops can be purchased from many places including specialty stores such as Hot Topic or GameStop; online retailers like Amazon or eBay; or directly through the official Funko website. You can also find them at conventions or other events geared towards pop culture and collectibles.

What should I look for when purchasing a Funko Pop?

When buying a Funko Pop, make sure to inspect the packaging and figure for any signs of damage. Ensure that all parts are present and undamaged; this includes any additional accessories or attachments. Also, keep in mind that limited edition figures may have certain exclusives or collector‘s stickers indicating rarity or specific production runs.

Can 10-inch Pops be placed on standard shelves?

While 10-inch Pops are significantly larger than standard-sized Pops, they can still fit comfortably on most shelving units made for these figurines – however, be sure to check dimensions before purchasing.

Are there any limitations to where you can display them?

Funko Pops are designed to be displayed anywhere their owners choose – from bookshelves and tables to kitchen counters or desk spaces. The only real limitation is your imagination!

In summary, 10-inch Funko Pops are just part of the vast world of Funko Pop figurines that offer collectors and fans alike an exciting way to enjoy their favorite pieces of pop culture. These figures come in a wide variety of styles and designs from many franchises spanning decades of pop culture history. With care and attention to collecting practices, anyone can turn their Funko Pop collection into something truly exceptional.

Top 5 Facts About the Amazing World of Funko Pop 10 Inch Figures

The Wonderful World of Funko Pop 10 Inch Figures: Top 5 Amazing Facts

If you are a die-hard fan of figurines, whether it be X-Men, Marvel or DC characters, Disney Princesses or any other popular culture icons, Funko Pop 10 Inch Figures should undoubtedly be on your radar. These charming figures have been around since the founder, Mike Becker created his first Bob’s Big Boy figure in 1998. Since then, they have taken the world by storm and become popular collectibles not only among tweeners but also adults.

In this article, we aim to introduce you to the fascinating world of Funko Pop ten-inch figurines and also provide comprehensive information about them. For those looking to purchase their first ten-inch figure or just want to find out more about these fantastic figures; read on as we present you with the top five amazing facts:

1. A Brief History of Funko Inc.
Funko was founded in Everett, Washington in 1998 by Mike Becker and gained popularity with its bobbleheads inspired by comic book characters such as Austin Powers and Tony Montana from Scarface. In early 2000, they produced their first character-driven vinyl figures depicting Freddy Krueger of Nightmare on Elm Street fame. After years of producing limited-edition licensed product lines for TV shows like The Walking Dead and Game Of Thrones and movies like Harry Potter and Star Wars under its pop-culture banner; in May 2017 – due to increasing demand – Funko went public resulting in great success.

2. Why Funko Pop Ten-Inch Figurines Stand out
Although there are many reasons why collectors love these figures including the wide range of characters available from favorites like Captain America to Obi-Wan Kenobi; what really sets apart these ten-inch models is that they are larger than conventional pops (which stand at around four inches tall). They’re made with high-quality vinyl and attention to detail, which makes them pretty much irresistible. The larger scale allows for more intricate design and impressive detailing, which is a significant selling point.

3. How Funko Pop 10 Inch Figures Are Made
One of the things that distinguish Funko from its competitors is their approach to producing high-quality figures at an affordable price point. To lessen the stress on collectors’ pockets, each Pop figure shares a common body with slight variations for different outfits or characteristics rather than having separate molds for every individual pop figure they produce. After creating the core body of the figurine using a standard mold, the next stage is to apply details such as hair texture or facial expressions by hand ensuring quality control standards are met.

4. The Importance Of Proper Storage For Collectibles
Collecting comes with many pleasures but requires extra care particularly in preserving these fantastic items from damage or wearing down over time. To achieve this, Funko also produces protective cases to house your precious ten-inch figures safely in your collection without being exposed to any elements like dirt or UV light that can ruin their quality over time. Although sometimes expensive, these storage systems help preserve collector’s items ensuring they maintain their value.

5. Real Value: Monetary Worth & Legacy
Whether you collect figurines as art pieces or because of your love for particular characters, it’s essential always to consider future investments odds where value will be preserved even after decades apart from appreciating its worth even higher at the moment too! While most poorly made plastic toys lose their aesthetic appeal and fade into obscurity after a year or two; Funko Pops hold markets’ interest as people are willing to buy discontinued editions paying much more than what was available before (like SDCC series Beatlejuice priced ~$50 at Convention Vs $200 online). And while this may not be everyone’s cup of tea – like buying comic books – gathering collections across several years can leave a unique legacy for generations to come.

In conclusion, Funko Pop 10 Inch Figures offers an irresistible combination of great design, affordability, and high quality all-in-one. Whether you have just discovered the world of Funko Pops or are a lifelong fan, these incredible ten-inch figures are undoubtedly worth considering adding to your collection. We hope that by reading our article on Top 5 Amazing Facts About The Wonderful World Of Funko Pop 10-Inch Figures; we provided useful insights into their history, popularity, production process and how to preserve them for future generations!

Finding the Best Deals: Where to Buy Funko Pop 10 Inch Online and In-stores

Where to Find the Best Deals on Funko Pop 10 Inch Figures

As collectors and enthusiasts, we are always on the lookout for great deals when it comes to Funko Pop figures. Funko has graced us with many different options, from licensed characters to fun exclusives, with a variety of sizes within their product line. One of the most sought after of these is the coveted 10 inch figure.

In this article, we will delve into where to find the best deals on Funko Pop 10 inch figures online and in stores. We will also provide tips on how to save money while expanding your collection.

Online Retailers

When it comes to online shopping, there are several retailers that offer amazing deals on Funko Pops year-round. Here are a few of our favorites:

– Amazon: As one of the largest online retailers in the world, Amazon offers a wide range of products at competitive prices. In terms of 10 inch Funko Pops, they often have hard-to-find options available for purchase at reasonable prices.
– Entertainment Earth: Specializing in toys and collectibles since 1995, Entertainment Earth is a trusted source for all things pop culture related. They feature a vast selection of licensed products ranging from Marvel superheroes to Star Wars classics.
– Walmart: Known for low prices and convenient shipping options, Walmart offers an impressive selection of 10 inch Funko Pops both online and in-store.

In-Store Shopping

While online shopping has become increasingly popular over time, there is still something special about visiting a physical store when hunting for new additions to your collection. Here are some places you should consider checking out:

– Barnes & Noble: With locations across North America, Barnes & Noble is more than just a bookstore – they also offer an extensive selection of Funko Pop figures both new releases and classic favorites too! If you want an opportunity to browse in person before buying or need a gift for that book lover in your life, this is a great option.
– Hot Topic: One of the most popular destinations for Funko Pop collectors, Hot Topic features a diverse collection of figures, including many 10 inch options.
– GameStop: Known primarily for their video game offerings, Gamestop also has an impressive selection of Funko Pop figures. They often carry exclusive releases that can’t be found anywhere else.

Save Money on Your Collection

No matter where you shop for Funko Pops, it’s important to be mindful of your budget. Here are some tips to help you save money without sacrificing quality:

– Regularly check online price comparison sites such as CamelCamelCamel or Honey to ensure you’re getting the best deal possible.
– Consider purchasing pre-owned figures from reputable websites like Mercari, Ebay or Funko Swap before spending more on brand new items.
– Check out thrift stores and garage sales in your area. You never know what hidden treasures you might find amongst other people’s unwanted belongings!

In Conclusion

Adding 10 inch Funko Pops to your collection doesn’t have to break the bank. By keeping these simple tips in mind and knowing where to look – online or in stores – you’re sure to find fantastic deals on these highly sought after figurines. Whether you’re a seasoned collector or just getting started, there’s always room for new additions… happy collecting!

What Makes the Funko Pop 10 Inch So Special? A Comprehensive Review

We understand that Funko Pop figures can be an exciting addition to any collection, and the 10-inch versions are considered special. But what exactly makes them unique? In this article, we will explore in depth what makes the Funko Pop 10-inch version so appealing.

The First Impression

At first glance, the size of a 10-inch Funko Pop figure immediately grabs attention. It is almost three times bigger than the standard 3.75-inch collectible models, making it a statement piece in any display. The larger size also allows for more detail and complexity in the design of the pop figure’s features.

The Design Elements

Speaking of designs, Funko Pop is known for its wide range of character options from movies, TV shows, comics, video games etc.; and has earned itself a loyal following worldwide. The 10-inch versions showcase intricate details such as specific accessories or costumes related to each character’s story. Each new release carries meticulous research with great attention to detail for accuracy in recreating characters’ features and likeness.

The Manufacturing process

Funko Pops are made with high-quality materials that ensure they stand out among other collectibles in terms of durability and artistry. Each piece goes through multiple stages to achieve its final form; from designing each element on digital platforms using reference materials while taking suggestions from focus groups, licensing companies etc., to carefully selecting color schemes used during production resulting in jaw-dropping end results that collectors always admire.

The Packaging

In addition to the main attraction -the figurine- packaging also plays a big role in making these pops different than others on the market The box provides added protection while maintaining pristine visibility of all sides of the pop once displayed atop shelves or tables — displaying all details beside it seamlessly with perfection definitely boosts bragging rights for die-hard enthusiasts!

Why People Love Collecting Them?

Apart from simply loving their respective shows/movies/comics or even just characters, the 10-inch Funko Pops provide an opportunity for individuals to own and display part of their fandoms in a tangible form that celebrates their interests. In fact, owning these special-edition pops shows dedication and passion towards that particular character or franchise — leading to higher demand among collectors.

Final Thoughts

All-in-all, the Funko Pop 10-inch versions are eye-catching collectibles made with precision and care from start to finish. They have intricate designs, high-quality materials with durability as well as exquisite packaging that really set them apart from others in the same space. It’s no surprise they’re considered so special by fans globally — and certainly worth your investment if you are looking for something unique to add to your collection!

Creating Your Own Customized Fun with DIY Tips and Tricks for Creating Unique Funko Pop Displays

Creating Your Own Customized Fun with DIY Tips and Tricks for Creating Unique Funko Pop Displays

Are you a fan of Funko POP! figures? Do you take pleasure in displaying your prized collection for all to see? Well, if you’re looking to add more flair and character to your displays than what regular store-bought ones can offer, then this article is just the thing for you.

Our team has curated the best DIY tips and tricks to elevate your Funko POP! display game. So gather up your creativity, tools, and materials; we’re going to teach you how to create unique and personalized displays that will surely make other collectors green with envy.

Why Settle for Store-Bought Displays?

While store-bought displays are nice enough, they lack that personal touch. They may be functional and practical, but they often lack character or a reflective element of personality that differs from one collector to another.

Creating custom ones lets you integrate elements such as favorite characters or themes into the display. It allows you to showcase not just your collection but also who you are as a collector. Besides having added sentimental value, homemade ones are generally less expensive too!

Tools and Materials

Before we delve into making specialized displays, let’s first list down some must-have tools in every DIYer’s arsenal:

– Ruler
– X-ACTO Knife
– Cutting mat
– Glue gun
– Tapes (masking tape or washi tape)
– Scissors

Now let’s move on to materials needed:

Acrylic Sheets

Acrylic sheets are beneficial when creating custom-made displays because they possess transparency similar to glass while being durable against cracks or chips during installations. You can choose among different colors with corresponding thickness sizes depending on the level of sturdiness needed.

Foam board

Foam boards make great backdrops because they come in various colors easily customizable by cutting them into whatever size necessary. Use the foam board to create an all-encompassing background for your Funko POP! collection.


For stands, shelves, and other structural displays. Wood can be easily cut into various sizes and is customizable with paint or printing decals to match the design idea you have in mind.

Pipe cleaners

Often used as part of DIY projects, pipe cleaners also make great decorations when added into displays. Bend them into shapes and attach them to stands, shelves or frames.

DIY Display Ideas

Now that we’ve covered some of the tools and materials used let’s put them together with some tips on making stunning displays:

1. Repurpose Old Bookshelves

If you already have bookshelves that aren’t being used anymore, repurpose them. Remove backboards to have more space while keeping items from falling off. Customize using acrylic sheets for a clear and transparent box that adds a more futuristic look. You can even add battery-powered LEDs inside for illumination!

2. Create a 3D Themed Display

Make a three-dimensional display by starting with building toy bricks like Lego blocks then add Funko Pop Figures according to theme – one example could be a Marvel Universe theme display that builds upon several Avengers movies fans know and love!

3. Show Off Collectibles Using Wall Mounted Displays

Using an un-engaging wall behind furniture can create dead spaces unlikely space utilized but installing floating wall mount ledges enhance the possibilities giving lifeless rooms inner dynamics – this also provides focal points for decorative plates artwork figurines etc.

The sky’s truly the limit from there: choose favorite quotes or mottos based on your personality and decorate with lights around it; take themed backgrounds outdoors (for murder mystery “Clue” themed Fun) add new character representations all around each corner! Your creativity power has no end here!


To summarize Creating Your Own Customized Fun with DIY Tips and Tricks is now within reach! Don’t settle for typical store-bought designs – on display, that is. Creating your customized Funko POP! displays starts with thinking about which characters are most important to you, and from there, finding or designing ways to make them stand out.

So the next time you add a new figure to your collection, think about creating a DIY setup just for it. As mentioned in this article, custom-made displays offer more character and personality than store-bought ones ever can. With these tips and tricks in mind equipped with tools and materials all in hand, go crazy with creativity and start crafting today!

Table with useful data:

Funko Pop Character Height Price
Funko Pop Harry Potter Harry Potter 10 inches $29.99
Funko Pop Thanos Thanos 10 inches $34.99
Funko Pop Batman Batman 10 inches $49.99
Funko Pop Kurama Kurama 10 inches $59.99

Information from an expert

As a Funko Pop collector and enthusiast, I can attest that the 10 inch figures are one of the most sought-after items in the collection. These larger-sized figurines make for impressive displays and can serve as great centerpieces for any Pop collection. The details and quality of these figures are just as fantastic as with their smaller counterparts, making them a must-have for any serious collector or fan. Despite their popularity, they can prove elusive due to limited availability, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled to snag one when you can!

Historical fact:

Funko Pop 10-inch figures were first introduced in 2013 with the release of a 10-inch tall Batman figure, which quickly became a popular item among collectors and fans of the brand. Since then, Funko has continued to produce various characters in this larger size to meet growing demand from consumers.

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